Emmanuel Sanders Been Getting His Common Sense Fucked Out

wasn’t it just yesterday i posted about the foxhole baller wolf fav,
emmanuel sanders,
for the first time?
emmanuel has always been sexy to me.
his voice,
how charming he is,
and that he is so animated on his snapchat.
emmanuel is also very mysterious about his personal life.
for a long time,
i thought he was single.
it was revealed that he that he got married to an exxxotical.
he ended up had a cub by her.
i found out he had cub #2 recently…
…when his wife ( x put him on blast ),
got a restraining order,
and filed for divorce.
well his wife has put him on blast yet again.
it seems our emmanuel been out here getting it in all kinds of heavy.
this is what the wife had to say via tmz sports
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FACIAL: (25)

tumblr_nwulw1NXQl1rj71puo1_1280sidebar: i LOVE this look on him!
he looks very masculine and sexy.
i always thought baller wolf for the broncos,

emmanuel sanders,
was super handsome.
we definitely deserve his facial in the foxhole.
here are a few more…
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Emmanuel Sanders Does Summer Well

Screen Shot 2013-07-19 at 11.00.51 AMhow could i forget about foxhole baller wolf favorite,
pittsburgh steelers emmanuel sanders?
looks like number 88 is having a good time this summer…

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LAY DOWN SOME RUBBER: The Foxhole Allstars Edition: (54)

we’ve had some good baller wolves come in and out of the foxhole.
i have some good taste when it comes to my baller wolves.
let’s look at some of the allstar baller wolves who were laid on these walls more than once.
they made us beg for more….

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A Day In The Life of Number 88

I definitely want his country ass.

I can see it now.
The City Fox and the Country Wolf.

I teach him how to avoid train cars with homeless people on the subway…
He can teach me how to milk a cow.

Sounds exciting!

I really love his upbringing.
He seems really humble and it seems like he has a solid foundation.
One I am sure he has laid very well…


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BALLER MEAT RE-UP: Emmanuel Sanders Edition (148)

These summer days ahead…
you just want to cool off with my favorite Baller Wolves.
You know the ones I personally put my stamp of approval on.

#TEAM88 baby…

You know I loved-ed-ed him long time…

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DhQzclsLQZI]



Looks like time off has been real good to him,
ya think?

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