LAY DOWN SOME RUBBER: The Foxhole Allstars Edition: (54)

we’ve had some good baller wolves come in and out of the foxhole.
i have some good taste when it comes to my baller wolves.
let’s look at some of the allstar baller wolves who were laid on these walls more than once.
they made us beg for more….






…. AND F.


can i have them all inside me?
but i can only pick one.
i pick:


now, it’s your turn.
you can only pick ONE of the baller wolf allstars.


28 thoughts on “LAY DOWN SOME RUBBER: The Foxhole Allstars Edition: (54)

    1. LOL He was my third choice. Who could forget AP though? He’s a nice dude, and plus everyone knows that he has a gay vibe to him lol. I don’t know if the rest of you pick up on that or not, but something about him screams gay.

  1. I will fight all you mufuggas that try to take Sanders. Cruz is a close runner-up, but I just love the chocolate. I might have to double-dip…

      1. Okay, you take Cruz, I’ll take Sanders, and we can swap on weekends & every other holiday lol

  2. There is something about Cruz that I just cannot pass up. But Sanders does something to me, too. I’m going to say Cruz.

  3. Damn!!!! I love them all!!!! I could just have one big orgy with all of them, but B, Laron Landry
    and that body of his sends chills up my spine and makes my heart race. All that muscle naked in my arms would be pure ecstasy!!!!

    1. The other week I had a dream bout Laron. He was asking me out on a date. I woke horny with him on my mind. I started looking for different pics of him. Idk what it was, maybe cause I hadnt jacked for like 4 days but all I know is he made me real horny and made me lose my mind lol.

  4. Give me sexy chocoleate C…that man is beautiful! This was a tough one tho because of Cruz and Devin….but that damn Landry look like he will tear a fox hole up…mercy!

  5. You guys make me sick lol. Before I scrolled down to the comments I said to myself that I would choose more than one this time because I couldn’t decide, and I thought you guys would be the same since y’all can never choose one. I scrolled down to the comments thinking many of you would pick more than one and I get the shock of my life Damn the one day that I didn’t want to play fair lol.

    I’ll take Emmanuel of course.

    1. Why can’t we share him? It’s just for fun don’t get caught up. lol. He looks good, and I love his complexion too.

  6. Is this some kinda trick question??? I’d lay down some rubber for the lot of em!!!!! But just as a precaution, one at a time. 🙂

  7. I’ll take Emmanuel Sanders for 200 Alex… LOL… He just looks regular and cool and not too into himself.

  8. This is the most difficult one of all time. I would gladly become stepford for a few of these men as they represent my ideal life partner. But I could only choose one… I’d have to choose… LaRon Landry. I cannot explain it but the idea of us being together feels right. Devin and Braylon are gorgeous men but LaRon is perfection to me.

  9. Damn this one is hard, as much as I love em all especially Victor, Im going for Braylon at the end of the day he is just almost perfect.

  10. Hey all, new guy here. I stumbled upon this blog a few weeks ago and have silently been watching all the eye candy and reading but this post brought me out of the den. Lol. I’ve seen A’s pic on the Internet for a min but never knew who he was. Now I know so, A would be my pick.

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