NBA Anthony Morrow ALLEGEDLY Is Not Naked In This Leaked Picture

another baller wolf; another ALLEGED naked picture.
where are the baller wolves we actually want to see naked?
why is it the ones i’m like “i guess…but thanks anyway“?

anthony morrow,
of the atlanta hawks,
ALLEGEDLY got blasted by some groupie he was fucking.
i guess she was mad that he had a baby by someone else…. ALLEGEDLY.

so, she did what only a scorned vixen would do.
(or fox/wolf/hybrid… you never know.
i watch scandal…)


and now some healthy flaccid ALLEGED peen…


this looks like an “after smash session” picture…. ALLEGEDLY.
when the dick is now back to normal and he snoring after some good pussy.
he claims that it isn’t his peen in a interview at 4URMediaFix.
he says he is not naked and that is not him.
all alleged, btw.



what do you believe?

15 thoughts on “NBA Anthony Morrow ALLEGEDLY Is Not Naked In This Leaked Picture

  1. It’s kinda hard to deny ish when you have tattoos all over your body that match the picture; bytches ain’t doing that much work. Next time don’t get so tatted up *shrug*

  2. That dick looks nice…I want to see it when its fully hard :)! OAN: When will these ballers learn…i’ll be having these hoes signing all kinds of confidentiality forms lol

  3. I think the organization (league or front office) makes them disown the pics. It’s bad press for them. But that’s you buddy. I hope the kitty was good.

  4. Why is he denying this… is a nice pic……you are slutting it up with randoms so you know what you get from that

  5. Damn I just posted some pics of him a few days back wish I had this!

    Everyone needs to confiscate all cellphones before doing the deed lol.

  6. LMAO-Boy bye, worse than lame Texas rapper T-Cuz who did gay porn saying that someone took his face and put it on someone body when he got caught out there on a Papithugz video. Do these dummies know tatoo’s tell the story everytime. SMH at this foolishness.

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