Emmanuel Sanders Does Summer Well

Screen Shot 2013-07-19 at 11.00.51 AMhow could i forget about foxhole baller wolf favorite,
pittsburgh steelers emmanuel sanders?
looks like number 88 is having a good time this summer…

tumblr_mjrskycB2n1rn6opzo1_500i wonder if doing him this summer would be just as fun too?

lowkey: he looks like hubby material.
well i hope.
i’ve been fooled before.
well he actually is about to be someone’s hubby.
he just got engaged recently:

11386_497197063649228_1313728600_n_mediumKimCattrall-SexandtheCity014oh well.
i’d still let him do me.

look at this neatly wrapped espn media mash up:

11 thoughts on “Emmanuel Sanders Does Summer Well

  1. Whether he is hubby material or not, he will have to see soon since he’s engaged. Sorry guys lol. I still love his handsome ass tho.

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