What Its Like To Be A Vixen Walking On The Street

tumblr_na7uu5pvwL1r55j58o2_250ive asked a few vixens how they feel when wolves holla at them on the street.

“i hate it.”
“its annoying.”
“i don’t stop for these pineapples.”
“what do i look like stopping for a pineapple in a car? a prostitute?”

i often wondered if i was a vixen,
would i like the attention?
in my head,
if the wolf was fine,
i mos def would stop and get his number.
most of the times,
as vixens put it,
the fine wolves don’t ask them for their numbers on the street.
well the following youtube video is a about a vixen,
with a fat ass,
walking the streets of new yawk for 10 hours.










GIF-Alicia-Silverstone-disgust-disgusted-dislike-disturbed-do-not-want-ew-eww-frown-gross-yuck-GIF_1i couldn’t do it.
mmm mmm.
no sir.
now i see why these vixens walk around here mean AF.
no 4real 4real.
they always look mean.
the director of the video,
rob bliss creative,
wants to stop vixens from being harassed on the street.
he set up a fund to donate to the cause.
personally you can’t stop wolves from trying to holla at pretty girls.
good luck with the cause tho!

lowkey: thank f-bi for the video!

to find out more | donate: click here

( x rob bliss creative website )

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

12 thoughts on “What Its Like To Be A Vixen Walking On The Street”

  1. You have to remember that a woman has to worry about being approached by a bigger stronger man who may be violent. That is another reason that a lot of women can’t just blindly accept any approach from a man they don’t know.

  2. Yea, this was interesting. How about the one who followed her for five minutes? I would have been scared to death, and probably would caught a case lol. People are thirsty as hell nowadays. The comment about the thousand dollars and the back to back Damns had me rolling. They were loud as hell. Imagine if all those men were gay and we did an experiment like this. I wouldn’t even make it to the first street intersection without having to snap on a couple of dudes. Nah.

    Did y’all see her face tho? She looks better in her other videos, but that was a bad day lol. Told y’all men will bang anything with cheeks. The face don’t matter

  3. She should stay her ass in the house then. I did not see the purpose of this experiment, at least she got good exercise tho

  4. and one thing i have to point out to most of these guys were just casually hanging on the corner doing nothing so if i was a woman i wouldn’t want to holler at a man who is just doing nothing…she’s not a bad looking girl, and i know they probably cut out many clips where she was called out of her name..i know in philly if a woman keeps walking or ignores certain men they call her a bitch very loudly…and SN: that guy walking beside her for a few minutes…THAT was creepy men don’t know how to handle rejection…hell even for gay men on those websites when you tell someone thanks for their compliment but you’re not interested they spazz out….smh I think i’m going to try the single thing for awhile after this year of failed attempts at relationships…

  5. Men will be men. One man’s fish is another man’s poison. If you want the attention, it’s not harassment. If you don’t want it, it’s harassment. What’s a woman to do? (Talk to no men?) What are men to do? (Approach no women?)

  6. Whew she is attractive I like vixens too lol. But seriously this ain’t no good. These men are very ignorant it’s one thing to look but some of those comments sand actions were unnecessary. What bothered me more is the thirst I like a cute girl but if she don’t want me to give her a compliment or say anything to her, then that’s her right. Dudes these days take dumbass to a whole new level. If this was a gay man, there would be wolves hounding him especially if he light skinned or latino/white with a big booty so don’t even start lol.

  7. The problem I had with this video is that they only showed black men and Latino men but the ending statement said that she was harassed by men of all races lol why y’all only showing the black ones? Smh

    But other than that, this is disgusting. I would not want this kind of attention. It may seem ideal to us gay men because gay men don’t do this on the street (unless its a Pride parade or whatever), but women go through this every damn day. It must be stressful constantly worrying about walking somewhere or walking past a group of men.

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