I Went For Mine Today (and Got It)

tumblr_n8gsdtLpqZ1r1gdbuo1_500i couldn’t wait to get home to write about this.
so the afternoon got pretty quiet at my job.
liar liar had said some nonsense about me earlier,
but i did my best to ignore her and her foolishness.
so my spirit has been telling me to do the following the last couple days.
like urging me to do so.
i felt a little nervous,
but i said why not?
it told me to go meet with the president of the company’s assistant

i know what you’re thinking:

giphy“what the fuck did you do?”

hold on!
i’m getting to it!
so i called her extension and asked her if i could talk to her.
she said sure and told me come up to her office.
i got up like i was going over to the bathroom,
but i was actually headed to the elevator.
when i got there,
even though i was tense as hell,
i asked:

“so i have a question,
and i don’t know if this is my place to ask this,
but can i use you as a reference?”

but you can’t.”

i think she saw my face instantly crack and hit the floor.
i felt my heart stop and my whole body heat up.
then she goes:

“you can’t leave here because i will be very upset!
are you trying to leave?

i smiled and reassured i wasn’t leaving yet,
but the way how my job position is set up
tumblr_inline_mu7j58tys11qg9l3pit would be pretty much against my will.
then she goes:

“jamari you are pretty much the best worker in that department.
you do your job very well and you are a pleasure to work with.
i would hate to see you leave,
but if you decide it’s time to go,
please warn me.
  of course you can use me as a reference.”

i was so happy.
i got up and immediately shook her hand.
i’m sure it was covered in sweat.
i want to get all my ducks swans in a row.
even though i have no job leads right now,
you never know when someone will try and pull the okey doke.
i legit walked out her office and exhaled.
getting a reference from her is actually a really big deal.
i’m glad i listened to my spirit and went for it.

lowkey: i am proud of myself today.
really really fuckin’ proud.

thank you god for showing me my light.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

15 thoughts on “I Went For Mine Today (and Got It)”

  1. Good job this is the first step in the right direction who know she may refer you to an even better position or company . good luck

  2. Intuition & instincts keep us alive out in these streets! LOL. Happy for you Jamari. 🙂 Show ’em bruh! This universe has much in store for you.

  3. shit stay there you may move up and become the boss of all of those people who are out to get you…karma is a bitch and it usually plays out like that at work, the one who is the most strategic wins…while everyone else is trying to make friends and bar buddys and ish you’re moving up the corporate ladder…keep at it!!!!

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