the foxhole is trying this ads thing again.
from jetpack,
will be my ads of choice.
i had them on the foxhole before but i had to turn them off due to technical difficulties.
i’m putting them because on because i need the extra money.
i have a favor to ask the foxhole…


My Foxhole Nearly Went Up For Justin Bieber

tumblr_inline_nhvcjo14EX1s7f4gwokay i don’t know what voodoo
or hoodooo
or whatever justin bieber is doing…
but i think i’m for it.
i said “think”.
yes i am saying this.
so justin bieber is trying to make every one of his stans burst in orgasmic bliss.
he is now the 2015 spokesperson for calvin klein (#mycalvins) jeans.
not to mention drawz.
just look at what god (or an graphic design artist) did to him…
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I Want Mechad Brook’s To Give Me Some “Necessary Roughness”

Wouldn’t you like him to rough you up?
I know I would.
I would let him rough me up alllll night like he did that chick in True Blood (click here).

Jamari: we are making an entry.

Mechad Brooks has been pretty busy.
He was on True Blood,
and now he is on a new show called Necessary Roughness.
He plays a Baller Wolf named, “TK“.

I never saw the show a day in my life,
but I can tell you right now,
I’ll be checking it out based on these pictures…

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