A Dog and a Fox.


Why has he been making me so horny lately?


I think I have an illegal lust crush on Bow Wow.
I do not know know how it started or where it came from,
but I have found myself lusting after this short little man….

and quite frankly, I’m scared.

He isn’t the ballers I’m use too.
He is a rap-tor.

No muscles or nothing extravagant.
Just nice eyes and nice pink lips.

But today,
we had a moment.

I went to go cop some sneakers after work for an event coming up
when I saw a crowd of teenage girls loosing their minds outside of Foot Locker.
I, for the life of me, could not understand wtf was going on.

When I went inside,
there was ads galore for this movie coming out, Lottery Ticket.
There was a crowd of females losing their minds and a line.
When I got deeper inside,
there goes Bow Wow behind the register signing autographs.

Was this fate?
I would hope.

I went closer and stood behind these girls
(and quite a few boys) losing their minds.

He was signing this female’s autograph and then he looked at me…

… and I looked at him…

… and then we looked at each other and this asshole in grey broke our gaze.
I wasn’t going to go ape shit up in that store.
I played my game cool.
He already had these little girl’s wet in their panties.
I nearly swam in the damn building.

I will not lie… but shawty look kinda RIGHT in person.
He is actually really short but I hope he makes up for it in width.

How old is this boy?
He looked like he was 16.
I mean,
I have no problem dealing with the young meat….
…as long as the young meat isn’t illegal.

I took a few pictures on the Foxberry for you Foxes.

His movie looks like it is going to be pretty funny.
It comes out this Friday my Foxes!

Check Bow Wow on Twitter @BowWow.

Check it out…

… and Bow Wow,

why don’t you check me out?

You’ll know who I was.

and I didn’t even get my damn sneakers.

Later Foxes.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

17 thoughts on “A Dog and a Fox.”

      1. Lol I’m serious. She gives me very petty thug bottom. The types boys go crazy over. Honestly, if she had an online profile… could you see it saying “top”? I don’t. I do see he with her legs reaching toward the ceiling though.

    1. C’mon, why does he have to be a girl? Just because he allegedly bottoms? He looks like a GUY to me…

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