We’ll All Be Going To Cali This Summer (Straight Outta Compton)

e03c65281e1138edfbb8ccf84385623eso there is a new biopic coming out.
it won’t be on lifetime or produced by wendy williams.
this one will be in theaters.
its called “straight outta compton” and its about the 90s rap group,
(nwa = niggaz with attitudes)
the group line up included:

ice cube
eazy e
dr dre
dj yella
mc ren

well they just dropped the cast pictures and…
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A Dog and a Fox.


Why has he been making me so horny lately?


I think I have an illegal lust crush on Bow Wow.
I do not know know how it started or where it came from,
but I have found myself lusting after this short little man….

and quite frankly, I’m scared.

He isn’t the ballers I’m use too.
He is a rap-tor.

No muscles or nothing extravagant.
Just nice eyes and nice pink lips.

But today,
we had a moment.

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