What Makes U… A Top?

So you are a top huh?
You know the number of top to bottom is like 10 to 1.
You are wanted in this lifestyle like a fat woman needs a glazed donut.
And if you look good then dammit you are on “MUST FUCK” lists.
You are the most requested on various hook up sites.
You have alot of power….

But what really makes you a top?
Do you even know?
Or are you confused until you get a taste of some dick?

This blog goes out to my tops and wannabes.
My ass fuckers and confused brothas.
This ones for you.

So yeah,

What made U become a Top?

Besides the obvious?

I always wondered why gay men become tops.

Is it something that was decided at birth or, did it happen throughout your journey in this lifestyle?
What made you only want to penetrate? Can’t you do the same thing with a  female? What makes you want to dig deep in my delicious ass?

The stereotype is most gay men like dick.
They only get fucked silly in the ass.
But what kills me is that SOMEONE has to fucking you in the ass in order for you to like it.

That is where you, Mister Top, comes in.

People think that tops have to be raw masculine men
when in actuality, tops can come in different flavas and different looks.
There are alot of feminine tops out in these streets.
More than alot to be honest.

I guess many can say it is personal preference but there has to be more than that.
You can quiz me and ask me why I like to bottom but that isn’t the story of this blog.
This blog is about you, my dude.

Now for my bottoms,

why do you want a top?

Example with Jamari…

I know I want a top to be more dominant in my life + I like dick.
Nice dicks (not oversized 13 inch snake dicks).
I like the feeling of being submissive.
I like the feeling of a man on top of me.
I like a man to be control.
I like men.
If I wanted a bitch, I’d date a female.

Something like that beauty is more my speed.

Alot of my bottom brothas can relate but some have different reasons as to why they like what they like.

Just questions that need answering.
Alot of men in this lifestyle are not sure WHAT they are.
One day they are a bottom and a few weeks later, they are trying to top.
They are painfully undecided because when one role doesn’t work out, they run to another.
For a bottom like myself,
it gets frustrating.
I have actually dealt with a couple “Lego Built Tops”.
They can be one thing today and then pull themselves apart and build themselves as something else tomorrow.


If you are gonna do all that shit,
just be a damn vers and call it a day.

You say you are a top then dammit that is what you are until you die.
I know some people in this life have gay life crisis’s but try not to do it on someone else’s clock especially mine.
That is the most hurtful thing you can do to anyone in this life.
I can honestly say Ima be a bottom for the rest of my life.
I have no desire to be a top.
But I know myself alot more than some people in this lifestyle.

What about you?

5 thoughts on “What Makes U… A Top?

  1. A top is as dude who does the penetrating. A bottom is a dude who is penetrated. Nothing more nothing less. When i’m fucking someone, I am acting as a top. When I am being fucked, I am acting as a bottom. What does that make me? It makes me someone who likes dick and ass.

    Can a dude who has been penetrated once still claim to be a top? Yes, he can claim whatever the hell he wants to claim.

    I don’t see a problem with bottoms hating on dudes who have been penetrated before, even if it was once. So what if he has had some dick before? If he’s laying the pipe to you and you only and not getting dicked down on the side, it shouldn’t matter.

    But that’s my opinion.

  2. I think the reason boys claim to be ‘tops’ is because they don’t wanna be thought of as a ‘bitch’. It doesn’t really matter to me…I’m fully vers and proud of it. Taking dick doesn’t make you less of a man…it’s all about how you carry yourself. There are plenty of masculine bottoms just like there are plenty of feminine tops.

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