I Cheated (I’m a Ho, I Know)

So I cheated on Devin.
I know, I know, and I know.
Ya’ll know how I feel about him but, Devin has been playing games.
Jamari moves on quick.
(well, not really cause Devin is still mine)

But a “Daddy From The Past” came back into the picture…

The lips and the body caught me off guard ya’ll.
I slipped.… and fell right on his lips.

So Adrian Peterson was the original “Daddy“.
Long before Devin strolled into the picture.

I remember seeing Adrian getting drafted and the way he talked…
The way he moved those lips…
I had visions on them making vibration noises on my booty.

I was all about this chocolate.
He could run and I remember seeing him play and I got crazy hard.
He had this stamina about him and he could move.
Plus it didn’t hurt he looked good.

But I started hearing not so nice things about his sexual lifestyle through people
and I was turned off.
Then Devin came in the picture and it was “Adrian who?”

Lately this 09-10 football season,
I been seeing him in damn near every commercial.
One night…. it happened and we re-connected and WHOMP, there it is.

He fine though ya’ll.
But I guarantee its a passing thing.
He’s like that ex who you see again that all of a sudden looks good for whatever reason
and you got to decide if you trying to get the dick again or admire from your bathroom as you jack off.

He swooped in real quick and dazed a brotha.
I think I am cool now…




on second muthafuckin’ thought…

Don’t judge me.

2 thoughts on “I Cheated (I’m a Ho, I Know)

  1. How soon we forget about Mr. Adrian, chocolate drop phyne and all dat! LOL. Ok you had me for a minute but I am still fighting you over Devin cause you need to learn that he is MINE! Thank you for refreshing my memory for that brief moment! I’m good!

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