foxmail: Why Do These Wolves Want To Tear Our Asses Up And Throw Us To The Side? Huh? Why?


Now of recent i have started to see the mortality of my cakes it not always gonna be super tight. So my cake has value and i am treating it as such. I meet a guy at school after the usual flirt flirt retarded game he approached me to come over to his place. I was as always blunt and ask wtf for, “now the negro was fine”, he would tell me he wanna fuck me i did a mental double take “huh what did he just say”. I started to laugh was like he tripping but then he said it again. well my laugh ended and i politely informed him i dont move like that he asked why i was up front and i let him know he did not have the decency to invite me to a movie and dinner he then reply he did not know i like bitch treatment huh a movie and meal makes me a bitch really thought they call those dates. I was like cake not for free he then say oh so i really a gold digger. really jamari me a gold digger cause i aspire to be more that a warm whole for you to punch holes in. So my question is why is these wolfs think that our cakes could be used, abused and thrown away at their whim?


to many times,
people in this lifestyle go for “hoe“.
i hear the excuses that, “oh we are men” and “we are sexual by nature”.
well, i guess that’s why black american men have the highest hiv rate in the US.
ya know, being “men“.

wolves treat foxes/jackals/and hyenas the way they do because we come off like “warm holes“.
we get on a chat site,
invite the wolf over,
and then the scenario plays out on xtube the next day.
there is no conversation.
shit, the texting is scare to none.
just come,
booty tooted,
throat moist,
and get out.
especially if that is what the wolf is use too.

i’m not knockin’ those who do that.
but, we good over here.

i am a mental gold digger.
i admit it.
i can like a fat wallet, sure, but i also have a certain standard of how i need to be treated.
i have tallied up all my talents, looks, sex drive, and personality and decided i am worth something.
he” better be worth something too.
a lot of wolves have told me personally, “you don’t play that“.
i tend to keep to myself in the gay world.
i’m pretty much a nobody.
before it use to bother me.
but, i could be like the rapper wolf-hybrid aka rep.

what i’m trying to say is that you need live with a certain standard:

who the fuck are you?
what the fuck you want in life?
what the fuck will you tolerate?
what is a fucking deal breaker?

you didn’t have to TELL him that you wanted to be wined and dined.
with your aura, he should already assume “you don’t play that“.
you could have told him come over and make that nigga eat those cakes.

nothing wrong with a wolf licking the icing off your cakes,
and a bustin’ a fat nut on them.

not that i know anything about that.

but the real question is: how strong is your control?
i sat in the same house with a fresh wet hole for rep to dig me out.
never happened.
after that whole scenario, it wasn’t going too.

i have insane discipline.
i flirt with these wolves and tease them all day and night,
but i choose if you will get inside me.
i haven’t had a lot in me so i’m pretty much a virgin.
even if i say fuck it and go face first on some dick,
i made the decision and understand the consequences.
your goal is to make the wolf stick around.

what is it about you that will have him coming back for more?
what will make him respect you and go hard for you?
what will you do to make him run away?

learn how to be a gentleman,
but also be the hoe.
the “hoe” for the right wolf.
you only have one cake.
once it is beat to death,
you are done in this lifestyle.
well, unless you become a throat monster.

star fox been getting treated to dates for years.
he never asked.
neither did i.
“we don’t play that”.

hope this helped!


13 thoughts on “foxmail: Why Do These Wolves Want To Tear Our Asses Up And Throw Us To The Side? Huh? Why?

  1. Jamari, after reading your blog for a while now here is what I think I can tell about you and how I advice you turn that. You are a shy/semi-intorvert gay boy in his mid-late twenties who wants to be loved, appreciated and fucked stoopid.
    My advise – start living it , you wont stay here thinking about it forever.

  2. Its going to take a while before wolves start wanting to settle down. It’s usually around the 30s when the metabolism slows down and the younger wolves start getting most of the attention that wolves start to think about commitment. You may get lucky and find a young one but thats rare. So hang in there… wait for them to grow up… and you’ll be fine. That’s what the rest of us are doing.

  3. This is all so confusing.
    A lot of bottoms want and like sex but then play this straight girl, hard-to-get, my pussy is sacred, marry me game.
    Please. LOL. Everybody is fucking. Humans are built for sex.
    It’s all so simple.
    Fuck who you are attracted to. If you find you like the person and want to pursue more ask them out on a date to see if you connect outside the bed.
    If you do cool — you have a potential friend or boyfriend or partner.
    If not you have two options — keep this person as a fuck buddy or keep it moving to the next person if you really want a relationship.

    Example: I’m partnered. We socialize with guys we have bedded down before all the time — shit we just rented a beach house full of some of our past sex partners. But we aren’t with them now. We are with each other. And they have become just good, platonic friends. But then again we are in our late 30s, 40s and up. Age brings more maturity and confidence.

  4. to a certain extent a wolf will only do what a fox allows him to do. hell anyone will do only what you allow them to do to you within certain extents. but talking goes a long way so you have a clear understanding of what the wolf wants and if hes what you are looking for if not keep it moving. i personally think depending on the area you live in wolves may or may not take you seriously even if you tell him what you want he still gonna do him and tell you what you wanna hear to get into your pants and keep it moving on to the next.

    1. Why should you be “telling” people what to do? Bullshit. You call your swag. If you’re a trifling hoe (like 96% of all bottoms) then fuck all your act on how well you “deserve” to be treated. Fuck you think I’m going to waste my time on your antics for? It’s like a hoodrat calling herself Ms independence and insisting you open the car door for her…thI’ve never had someone want SEX period from me. Ironically, my boyfriends I’ve had (ehh hate using that term, its whatever) I wanted to have as playtoys.. a lot of people actually tend to want to hold out on sex for me like they’re giving me a gift of gold or something, I find that the connections are usually when they take me out on dates, cook me dinners, take me travelling, when we hang out etc… you define what you are..then again, u said Aura, and that should be your key..

  5. As men we are very sexual creatures by nature, but some of us have to learn to control our actions a little better if we are trying to have a relationship than a man other than sexual. Everything can’t just be about sex all the time. I know my fellow Wolves may not like what I’m about to say but oh well. If a Fox wants to know if a Wolf is in it for the long run or just looking for a good fuck, he needs to make sure that the Wolf is doing what it takes to show that he is trying to build a non sexual relationship. A mental connection has to be established before the topic of sex is even discussed. If two dudes don’t have a mental connection then all that exist is a physical attraction, and if the dude is not telling you what you want to hear and focusing more on your physical appearance then you know all he’s after is sex, period. A good way to build a mental connection with a man is to ask him a series of questions, and those questions you ask and his answers will often lead to a long discussion. Even if the Wolf is just after the ass, if he’s having deep conversations with you he will most likely catch feelings for you by accident lol. The deep conversations will cause the Wolf to want to get to know the Fox a little better beyond a sexual level.

    1. They better be some good questions cause some of youll wolves have a one track mind and will change the subject right back to sex. Then get mad when you dont want no dick. Really?

      1. LOL Ronnie you’re crazy but you are right. You’ll go from talking about his childhood to him asking about what positions do you like? LOL

  6. As always you were on point! Some men can appreciate a fox, who knows how to control his hormones.

    to the guy who wrote the mail:

    Dude told you to your face that all you are to him is a fuck because he is used to dealing with sluts. What you do is tell him that you ain’t about that life and leave it at that. Either he is going to respect you and keep it pushing or he is going to move on to another ‘victim’….if he choose the latter, LET HIM BE! It’s not your fault that there are plenty of sluts in the world. There are men out there who will LOVE to get to know you but you gotta let the universe do it’s business!

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