foxmail: Why Do These Wolves Want To Tear Our Asses Up And Throw Us To The Side? Huh? Why?


Now of recent i have started to see the mortality of my cakes it not always gonna be super tight. So my cake has value and i am treating it as such. I meet a guy at school after the usual flirt flirt retarded game he approached me to come over to his place. I was as always blunt and ask wtf for, “now the negro was fine”, he would tell me he wanna fuck me i did a mental double take “huh what did he just say”. I started to laugh was like he tripping but then he said it again. well my laugh ended and i politely informed him i dont move like that he asked why i was up front and i let him know he did not have the decency to invite me to a movie and dinner he then reply he did not know i like bitch treatment huh a movie and meal makes me a bitch really thought they call those dates. I was like cake not for free he then say oh so i really a gold digger. really jamari me a gold digger cause i aspire to be more that a warm whole for you to punch holes in. So my question is why is these wolfs think that our cakes could be used, abused and thrown away at their whim?


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LAY DOWN SOME RUBBER: Rapper’s D-Lite Edition (44)

i’d say some of us were mini gold diggers here.
if you deny, you a lie.

but seriously take these 3 rappers.
in the mind of a gold digger,
one thinks about:

potential good dick,

in that order.
the following 3 rappers took a photo at one’s club opening.
let’s say you had the option to date 1.
which one would you choose…

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I. Can’t. Breath. Neither Could He.

Jack Andraka a pretty smart guy.
He is only fifteen and already studying under a doctor at John Hopkins.
He maybe rolling in dough soon enough.
Soon from now, he will have some Kim Kardashian lookalike on his arm.

Jack won the top award at Intel ISEF 2012.
He created a new, non-invasive method to detect early-stage pancreatic cancer.
A childhood dream of his to win this award.
I love a feel good story.
But check his reaction to winning the award

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Meetup With A Faceless Stranger (22)

You have a secret admirer!

Don’t you love secret admirer?
Anyway, you have been getting all kinds of gifts and love notes.
From the looks of it, he has money and has no problem spending.
That nice Rolex you got sealed that deal.
He is the special kind of Wolf/Hybrid/or Fox.
A major trick.

Your invisible Don Juan decides to show face on day.
You tell him to wear a certain outfit and meet you in a crowded place.
Well they did and from the Starbucks across the street,
you see…

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Broke N*GGAS Have The ( Pipe

We talked about this a billion times.
Able bodied sexy Wolves who lay on their backs to live “the good life”.

But using their dicks instead.
Vixens and Foxes have been using their… situations… for years to get in better situations all the time.
But when Wolves does it, it is so “trifling” and “how could he??”.
But if he met an idiot…
And that idiot wanted to pay him for pipe and use him as arm candy…

Why knock his hustle?

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