Broke N*GGAS Have The ( Pipe

We talked about this a billion times.
Able bodied sexy Wolves who lay on their backs to live “the good life”.

But using their dicks instead.
Vixens and Foxes have been using their… situations… for years to get in better situations all the time.
But when Wolves does it, it is so “trifling” and “how could he??”.
But if he met an idiot…
And that idiot wanted to pay him for pipe and use him as arm candy…

Why knock his hustle?

^that looks more appealing than any Wolf I have seen lately.
Well not you Devin.


But, before we get into this entry, read this:


I mean he is fine (he is the first Wolf in the trailer below)


You know what?

First off, she was stupid as hell.
Why didn’t she just had him her debit card and check book?
Secondly, she was paying his child support!!!!!!!!!
Is she fucking stupid???????

You know I was SMH at that and the bills she paid.
Third, she bought his 3 cars that he crashed.
At what point did her stupid ass think to stop?

She was what I would like to call: AN IDIOT.
and that is okay because we need idiots in the world to make it go round.
She fell for the height and the muscles.
I am sure he was fucking her into a new dimension.
Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit I barely want to boil hot dogs for a Wolf,
what makes YOU think Ima hand him my wallet?????????
And then what gets me is this same Wolf wants you to pursue him because he is fine, and then wants me to pay his bills too?


The problem is that out there in this huge Forest,
there are Wolves who talk so smooth.
They literally will talk you out them drawz.
And then for whatever reason, BANG YOU LIKE YOU NEVER BEEN BANGED BEFORE.

7 months later, you got this mofo set up on your beneficiary package.
I always say, broke and crazy niggas have the BEST dick.

But for whatever reason, when submissive people do it,
it isn’t as bad as our dominant counterparts.
They go IN when they try and play you.
Stories like the idiot Vixen and the smooth Wolf make me wonder…
How do REALLY fall into the web?
A web that you paid 75,000 of your own money in?
Did she have friends?
Did anyone pull her to the side?
No one volunteered to slap her?

I have already met so many broke actor/model/singers in these industry events I go too,
and of course they are trying to get to know me.
Smiling in my face and giving me the googly eyes.
but… uh…

I don’t “do” broke.

I always say,
if he is fine and broke,
get smashed and run for this hills.
Before he can even open his mouth,
you are already opening the door.
But these others like him to stick around.
Is it loneliness?
Or just plain ol “idiot”?
But when it comes to other Foxes and Vixens…

Why do they fall for the OBVIOUS bullshit?

8 thoughts on “Broke N*GGAS Have The ( Pipe

  1. I don’t really believe the story.
    At least not in its entirety.
    It’s way too much all wrapped up into one and it’s not like information about Jason being on the show isn’t all over the internet.

    But assuming it’s true, I don’t think it’s fair to judge her or to say “I would never…” because fact is, we all have done it (to some extent or another). Wasting our time, our energy, and our money on wolves and foxes who never quite measure up. We may not be dickmatized or a slave to the booty, but we may be sprung on love or what we perceive to be as love.

    And at the end of the day, what really makes her any different than any of us?
    When all’s said and done, her relationship didn’t work out the same way some of our’s haven’t.
    And while we may not have spent thousands of dollars, we have given away gifts, paid for dinner, offered up our sex and etc. for a relationship that was doomed to fail eventually.

    Dating is a learning process.

  2. That’s messed up right there, that’s why people have to watch their backs. Who in the hell would pay someone elses child support? SMH. If you don’t watch your back your get robbed right in your face.

  3. Sex can be a powerful thing Jamari. Flip it and look at these vixens who use the looks to grab a baller wolf. The same applies to wolves who are sexy and can lay some major pipe. I’m pretty sure most of the ballers are the same way until they get older and out of shap. YoU know there are some foxes and vixens who will do anything to keep their man I on the other hand am not paying for sex regardless how good it is that’s called prostitution

  4. In the words of Trina–Dont be a dumb Ho/Thats a No-No!!!!! Thats why I love Trina and Marlo Hampton, women who will never play the part of pussy and get fucked. I dont feel sorry at all for her ass as my grandmother use to say when find a sucker you better “lick it”. I seen this shady ass behavior in the str8 and gay world. One of my homeboys went into debt so bad in behind a nigga that he had to sell his house because he could no longer afford to keep it. Its easier and cheaper to rent you a hot boy at least you know were you stand and he gets paid to lay pipe. Poor girl needs to be brought up to speed, you date old men and get their money to trick with younger ones, I guess she never heard that “I would rather be a old mans sweetheart than a young mans fool”. Call Judge Judy Sis and sue his broke trifling ass.

    Tocarro hide ya checkbook!!!!!!

  5. I never been one for tricking off my money, the people that do this are lonely, they are willing to accept anything just so they won’t be by themselves. They will pay for it, accept abuse, be cheated on, as long as you bring that wood back home! It’s sad but true, and when the tables are turned and the submissives do it, it’s considered ok, bcuz as for me, I grew up believing a man was supposed to take care of you… So it’s a completely different story.. But the question is is, why does any able bodied adult feel as if it is someone else’s responsibility to take care of them? On both ends it boils down to pure laziness!

  6. Its called the Florence Nightingale or the “I Can Change Him” syndrome. Its about making a decision, whether it’s on a conscious level or not, to be involved with someone because you perceive them to need you. The idea is that you are rewarded with their love and loyalty, plus on top of this, that in exchange for your ‘love’ and bringing ‘so much’ to their lives, that they change to show how much they love you. It’s very easy to get ‘lost’ in someone else’s problems and decide that if you can ‘support’ them, it will eradicate the other issues that exist. The whole point is to invest as much as possible into this broken or needy person so that one day it’ll all pay off and he’ll turn into prince charming.

    We often do this with emotionally unavailable men but instead of gifts and money we use our love, affection, and attention and throw it at them and hope that they see how great we are and finally decide to want to be with us at a level that we’d like for them to.

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