LAY DOWN SOME RUBBER: Rapper’s D-Lite Edition (44)

i’d say some of us were mini gold diggers here.
if you deny, you a lie.

but seriously take these 3 rappers.
in the mind of a gold digger,
one thinks about:

potential good dick,

in that order.
the following 3 rappers took a photo at one’s club opening.
let’s say you had the option to date 1.
which one would you choose…




you can only choose one rapper’s d-lite


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

17 thoughts on “LAY DOWN SOME RUBBER: Rapper’s D-Lite Edition (44)”

      1. Right he “talks” jayz walks the walk by bagging the baddest female out there can meek mill pull a 3rd tier model?? I don’t mean a video hoe or some chick with a camera phone with a few retouched photos. Jayz could get any top female model even Campbell meek mill would be a garage cleaner … Damn u hoes need to step ya cookies up that’s why y’all get played by dick left an right an get swerved by these niggas get ya taste level up to mine fuck

  1. Jay Z hands down. He’s smart business wise, he makes good decisions and he ends up getting that paper. He’s not the cutest but he got a fat butt tho.

      1. I’d have to go with Jay. He has personality, brains, clout, and is down to earth. Oh yeah, and that slugger would be nice to “hold” as well. But I’m with Man on beating those cheeks.

  2. Nah, you can keep all three. If all the millions these guys have, enabling them to afford the finest skin care, personal trainers, surgery etc., and if that is as good as it gets, thanks but no thanks. I’m sure I can find a hotter fox.

  3. Based on looks, B – but in reality, I’m going after Jay. C’mon son, I’d be set for life — and do you see those lips?! He might be able to suck you inside out lol

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