Breezy Wolf Is Now Single, But In A Relationship With Rihanna?

for someone who is single,
he still looks un-washed, smoked out, and is everywhere with rihanna.
maybe “fucking in the bathroom in the club with my ex girlfriend” is the new single….

Chris Brown says he has officially BROKEN UP with his girlfriend Karrueche Tran …  explaining, “I don’t want to see her hurt over my friendship with Rihanna.”

Brown just made the announcement … saying, “I have decided to be single to focus on my career. I love Karrueche very much but I don’t want to see her hurt over my friendship with Rihanna.”

He adds, “I’d rather be single allowing us to both be happy in our lives.”

The announcement comes after Brown and Rihanna were spotted together at the Jay Z concert in Brooklyn last night. The two had been hanging around each other A LOT lately … and did some hardcore flirting at the MTV VMAs.

Karrueche had posted a cryptic tweet last night reading, “Bye baby.”

Now it makes sense.


between that breezy dick,
and that rihanna pussy,
sex between them must be off the richter scale.

aside from the beat down aspect,
i think every vixen and fox wants whatever power rihanna has in her vagina.
she obviously is sucking the life out of breezy wolf because he looks terrible.
she looks great and healthy.
you can tell he is more about her than himself.
i wonder what it is?
is it sex?
is it a strong emotional connection?
is it just her?
or, is she practicing some kind of voodoo?

i often wondered about meeting a wolf and completely having him under your spell.
do you have to have a certain attitude?
a certain self esteem?
 is it just something some of us are lucky to be born with?
I started to wonder…

Would you like the power of having a someone hooked on you a la Breezy Wolf?

Author: jamari fox

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11 thoughts on “Breezy Wolf Is Now Single, But In A Relationship With Rihanna?”

  1. 1. I am SO sick of hearing about these two. You guys are fucking for attention and publicity. Good for you but I rather focus on the music

    2.Kan played her position and got a lot out of it. She should have known that this was bound to happen.

    3. This will not end well

      1. She’s staying pretty relevant all on her own; he’s the one that may be jonesing. I think she’s more in control now – which is why she’s appears so cool, calm, & collected. Apparently that RiRi vajayjay is like crack rock off the wings of pixies…

    1. I agree. When will it ever end. Damn. If she gets beat again then that’s her dumbness.

  2. People can rag on her all day long, but take away the fame and Karrueche is actually the one that’s wifey material. She stuck by him at his worst, she’s beautiful, and she enjoys food and cooking. She should consider this a blessing. I doubt she’ll be single for long.

    What the hell does Chris Brown have to offer anyone? His career as well as his looks are heading downward.

  3. I am sick of the two of them as well. Anyway…they are young. Let them live their lives.

    We should not act as though we never had some pussy, dick, ass, or throat that did not have us open—even for a little while.

  4. In answer to the second part of ‘Jay’s’ question, we’ve all seen what Chris Brown has to offer, and to be honest, I’d do him, but in real time, who gives a toss, what those two do? Two damaged minor talents, who manage to keep in the news by dragging out this will they won’t they stuff. Do I see a new CD coming out soon???? My life won’t change one little bit no matter what they do.

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