Brandon Boykin Probably Tastes Like A Snicker’s Candy Bar Too

i have featured brandon boykin before.
he is fine.
i want him now.

i thought his skin looked like nice dark chocolate.
smooth with no flaws.
who knew other teams were calling him a candy bar too…

An alternative definition of the word “sweet,” used by today’s freshest young whippersnappers, is “easy” or “not presenting much of a challenge.” For example, if you’re in a bar throwing darts, and you get to play a against a man so drunk that he doesn’t know which end of the dart is the pointy one, and he also recently suffered third degree burns on all of his fingertips, you just got the sweet matchup.

The Pittsburgh Steelers feel like they’ve found something similar against Philadelphia Eagles cornerback Brandon Boykin, a rookie fourth-round draft pick. So sweet is Boykin, according to Steelers receiver Antonio Brown, that the Steelers are calling him “the candy bar.” In particular, a Snickers bar.

“He’s given up a lot of plays. Whoever gets that guy definitely has to take advantage,” said Brown via

Boykin is the nickel corner behind starters Nnamdi Asomugha and Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie. Against the Steelers’ seventh-ranked passing attack, Boykin figures to see a lot of action, and will probably see a good bit of Emmanuel Sanders, the Steelers third receiver. It’s a matchup the Steelers like.

Why they’d make such a public proclamation about their low opinion of Boykin, though, I haven’t a clue. Identifying a weak link and then exploiting it is a part of every game plan, but now that they’ve insulted the man in public, karma pretty much dictates that Boykin will get an interception and then stand with the football and mime peeling the wrapper off a candy bar and eating it.

Even with the rookie in the lineup, the Eagles have been pretty successful against the pass. Only Eli Manning has had a big day against them, and even that didn’t really hurt them. Eli threw for 309 yards and two touchdowns against them, but they did hold the Giants to 17 points. On the season (and yes, it helps that they’ve played the aerially challenged Cardinals and Browns) they’re giving up just 206.8 passing yards per game.

Just a little more spice for an already intriguing showdown. The game’s in Pittsburgh, Sunday at 1 p.m. ET.


but this was the part that got me.
antonio brown of the steelers quote!…

That’s the candy bar,” said Steelers Pro Bowl receiver Antonio Brown with a sly smile.

Snickers or Milky Way?

“Snickers,” he replied.


am i the only one whose mind immediately went to the gutter?
am i the only one?
even though that was a clear shot dart to his manhood.

lord knows that i could do with a chocolate rush right about now.
especially with something looking like this…

8 thoughts on “Brandon Boykin Probably Tastes Like A Snicker’s Candy Bar Too

  1. Athletes always say things like that… i really thinks its an athlete thing, they do the most homoerotic things on earth.. Slapping butts, calling each other candy bars, and frankly Im fine with it! lol

  2. Yea I like him and he is such a damn cutie. I can’t believe Antonio called him that tho. I would have felt so disrespected. He said he wasn’t bothered by it but I don’t believe that. The Steelers are a mean team, period. Insults from them can hurt. We’ll see what happens Sunday.

    Look at his little nuts in that first pic.

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