safaree wants only one to share the wood with

safaree will go down as the wolf whose dick broke the internet.
i bet it’s broken some private parts too.
you remember how ( x big and thick ) that lumber was?
he’s the first leaked dick pic that ever had that success.
second goes to ray j,
but he was connected to kim so that kinda didn’t count.
well safaree only wants one vixen to chop that wood ever after with.
this is what he posted on his twitter
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When A Break Up Goes Bad

tumblr_kocorlsjca1qzfy6zo1_400the best break up line you can tell your ex-boyfriend.
today an r&b singer and his partner broke up together.
guess who?…

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One Of Your Baller Wolves Maybe In The “15% Gay or Bisexual” List

“don’t look at me…”

tumblr_mautlbxatU1rcqcqmo1_500wouldn’t you like to know,
my impatient little foxes.
i know.
me too.
jason whitlock of fox sports says 15% bisexual and gay athletes.
he also thinks roger goodell needs to do something about it.
he wrote about it regards to the catfish guy,
manti te’o,
on mike florio’s column about nfl teams wanting to know if he is gay…

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LAY DOWN SOME RUBBER: Rapper’s D-Lite Edition (44)

i’d say some of us were mini gold diggers here.
if you deny, you a lie.

but seriously take these 3 rappers.
in the mind of a gold digger,
one thinks about:

potential good dick,

in that order.
the following 3 rappers took a photo at one’s club opening.
let’s say you had the option to date 1.
which one would you choose…

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“It” Didn’t Happen In One Day

when you look at your life,
are you satisfied?
do you say to yourself,
“could i be doing more?”
do you look at others and wonder why they are so ahead?
what is it that they are doing that you aren’t?
i often wonder what happens to us?
those who feel stuck,
or completely UN-satisfied.
what will it take for you to be completely happy?
and, are you really working towards that happiness?
have you ever wondered…

Am I where I need to be?

He Better Keep Me Satisfied… Or I’m Getting With His Cousin

Nothing is loving like a shiny new Baller Wolf.

Let’s face it, getting a new Wolf that you can tolerate is like riding a bike and not falling.
Or, going to your favorite store and finding out everything is 75% off.
Even, finding a blank check on the ground and going buck wild with “0“.
Better yet, a genie with unlimited wishes…

you get the point.

But, will you be truly satisfied with one Wolf?

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