safaree wants only one to share the wood with

safaree will go down as the wolf whose dick broke the internet.
i bet it’s broken some private parts too.
you remember how ( x big and thick ) that lumber was?
he’s the first leaked dick pic that ever had that success.
second goes to ray j,
but he was connected to kim so that kinda didn’t count.
well safaree only wants one vixen to chop that wood ever after with.
this is what he posted on his twitter

i don’t know why that turned me on.
the wording,
i find it hard to believe safaree isn’t out here fuckin.
i bet he is fuckin’ right now as i font this.
this all reads like a:

wolves write this shit when they want new pussy to explore.
being he’s a cancer like myself,
i know he is serious about a relationship tho.
i hope whoever is gonna ride that log forever is prepared.
that dick looks fun for the first few times,
but after a while,
the pain and ice packs may just annoy tf outta you.

“omg can you hurry up and nut!!
i can’t take it no more.”

you know those types.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

17 thoughts on “safaree wants only one to share the wood with”

  1. My best friend and dad are also cancers so i believe him in this but also know that they had their hoe moments so either the hoe in him is gone or he’s never really been about that.

    That might be why even though nicki was disrespectful he stuck around

  2. I was making pasta fused with lean ground turkey and tostitos zesty cheese because sometimes good and bad make great things
    whenyoure hungry and then I saw this post.

    Although, I am adverse to zodiac teachings, I would be classified as a Cancer as well. Moody ,Since Emotional and willwf**k you up if you betray my trust…etc.

    Since human beings are composed of electrical/vibrational ouputs (energy) and not “trademark mascots”, it would make sense to assert that he has reached a point in his life where his vibrational energy is crying out to the universe because he doesn’t feel complete.

    However, his tweet is an oxymoron if you read it carefully and pay attention to what he’s saying. Notice how he centers the tweet around his penis twice. The last time graphically describing how big it is to accumulate attention and approval. It has me scratching my head in some parts where he’s readily an advocate for being abstinent and can go ages without it and then he’s talking about sharing his wood.

    A part of me wants to say he’s being extra. Smart people operate in secrecy and don’t make announcements to the masses until after the fact in situations like this. In other words, I’d believe his tweet to be more genuine if he left his manhood out of the equation. The second tweet is a bit more revealing.

    It’s like saying I’m looking for a woman to be my wife. My d**k is big but I’m abstinent and I can go without sex for long periods of time and will continue to do so even with a big d**k until I meet my wife.

    He could be serious in his words or as another clever foxholer put it, “He could be looking for something new to smash”.

    I think hes a handsome sir but his statement has me wondering just how many other people believe that getting married and producing a “clone” is the highlight of humanity?

    That last paragraph is for another discussion and territory.

    1. @Jammy – agreed. He’s just advertising to lonely lust filled women. I never looked in his general direction. Call me when he arch that back and leak some ass pics.

  3. I figured you were a Cancer Jamari, you wear ur heart on ur sleeve in that oh so Cancer manner. As far as Safaree is concerned he’s full of shit lol. He playin the “I’m a nice guy why don’t I get love” card for sympathy points and puss. Dude you were just leaking your nudes 3 months ago. Gtfohwtbs.

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