“the disrespectful meat featuring phil” a story from marvin bienaime

speaking of disrespectful wood,
everyone meet marvin bienaime‘s latest,
phil from new yawk.
he might be carrying a disrespectful piece of lumber.
marvin posted this:

…and i said,
“yup that looks entirely disrespectful”,
but then the bts video came after…

…and then i:

 more of phil:

phil is every inch of new yawk too.
in my head,
he is the un-suspecting fuck boi type.
these vixens gonna jump in them dms,
all thinking he might be some kind of husband.
he’ll beat that pussy up,
have them strung out with that penis,
and get a full “i wasn’t looking for anything serious” situation.

i could be wrong tho.
he might just be prince charming with the big penis.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on ““the disrespectful meat featuring phil” a story from marvin bienaime”

  1. Well Damn just when I thought it was safe you find another one. First of all im loving the bts teasers I like this interactive aspect of it. Second, Phil is definitely an unsuspecting fuckboy types.

  2. Hmm. Ya know from reading past posts you would assume that women don’t be online checking for men like that but some of those reply has me thinking otherwise.

    His body is nicely constructed. Congrats.

  3. Is marvin bienaime “family” or nah? If so, is he closeted to his clients and colleagues? I’m asking because of the “delicate” nature of some str8 men’s sexuality. I’m curious to know if they reach out to him or vice versa. Contrary to popular belief the majority of male models are heterosexual men. Like all of the other numbers, the sheer amount of average or genetically blessed men will skew towards the heterosexuals. (You know, because of that 1 out of 10 ratio we use)

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