One Of Your Baller Wolves Maybe In The “15% Gay or Bisexual” List

“don’t look at me…”

tumblr_mautlbxatU1rcqcqmo1_500wouldn’t you like to know,
my impatient little foxes.
i know.
me too.
jason whitlock of fox sports says 15% bisexual and gay athletes.
he also thinks roger goodell needs to do something about it.
he wrote about it regards to the catfish guy,
manti te’o,
on mike florio’s column about nfl teams wanting to know if he is gay…

Whatever the case, difficult questions must be asked, and they should come from the commissioner’s chair. It’s Goodell’s job to protect The Shield. It’s Goodell’s job to protect the employees.

The best protection for the league and the players is the freeing of the gays.

Let’s be honest. I think it’s reasonable to assume that 15 percent of NFL players are gay and/or bisexual. Generally speaking, they’re forced to conceal their sexuality out of fear of being ostracized and potentially released from the team.

They need to be set free, released from the grip of the most hostile work environment in America. Is there a more homophobic work setting than a football locker room? I can’t think of one.



i have a few players on my bag list i’m hoping are part of that 15%.
what he said was pretty deep,
but what can goodell do?
even if he did something,
it may cause even more drama within the team.
this one here:

…said they already weren’t welcomed…
in san francisco!

then this whole catfish sitation has manti te’o being looked at differently.
teams are treating him like he is hawaiian plague.
one of your cakey favs,
terrell suggs,
says he doesn’t care if he comes to the ravens:

NFL superstar Terrell Suggs doesn’t care how many not-dead-fake GFs Manti Te’o had … he’d still welcome the ex-Notre Dame stud in the Baltimore Ravens locker room.

Suggs was in NYC when we asked if he’d work with Manti if the Ravens drafted him, and he said … “Manti? Most definitely.”

He added, “He’s got a future, man.”

Suggs’ comments are a huge vote of confidence for Te’o … because some experts have said the whole Ronaiah-Lennay mess might make NFL teams think twice about drafting him.



takes a leader to say that,
although i heard manti did pretty bad at the combine…

27 thoughts on “One Of Your Baller Wolves Maybe In The “15% Gay or Bisexual” List

  1. Befriend the team masseurs. They know. I’ve learned some amazing things from them, down to how freaky some get. People just don’t have any idea. It’s like a fraternity, a family. They protect each other, which is why I’m amazed at the sloppiness of those who mess with jackels.

      1. HOLD UP.

        You mean to tell me Django likes them dred heads

        I hope Larry Fitzgerald is straight!

        Willie Beaman is yanking locs!?

        Lawd ham mercy.


    1. Maybe him and I can go and get some Foxes together. I got a soft spot for men with dreads, especially if they are mid length. Oh my goodness.

      1. ^search the archives on here.
        he was with some new baller wolf.
        he “threw a party for him”.
        while the paps were taking pictures of the baller,
        he was trying to hide and rush to the car.
        it wasn’t until the paps called him out.
        then I saw another picture with him and another baller wolf with dreads.
        he also threw a party for songzbird for his birthday too.

        can I get a party too jamie?
        will you invite tank too?

  2. In situations like this I would love to work in those 5 star hotels celebrities and athletes stay in.

    I bet if you’re observant enough you’ll notice plenty.

    1. ^you just made a good point JAY.
      working the front desk of a hotel ballers stay in would pretty much bump you far up on the list.
      add a sneaker store to the list.

  3. Statistics are not accurate anyway because of the guys they did not ask and the ones who do not categorize themselves as gay or bisexual. More then likely the number is higher than what the statistic says. Now when it comes to African American males as a whole, I think between 25 and 30 percent are gay or bi, and that includes the ones who classify themselves and the ones that do not. When it comes to NFL players, I think the number is between 5 and 10 percent, and that is because the players in NFL only count as a small percent of the population. I feel that between 100 and 200 players in the NFL are gay, so that means between 3 and 5 men on each 53 man roster is either gay or bisexual.

    That was just a lil breakdown of my opinion lol. I know it sounds more like an answer to a math problem.

      1. Sure, but I doubt it. However, I’m positive that at least one player you have featured on here gets down. We just have to figure out who.

        1. ^well i can confirm my site gets passed around to all the dl and discreet players.
          even reached other people in entertainment.
          there are a few people who lurk in the know.
          im sure they will never reveal themselves,
          but it’s exciting to know the tune in.

      2. Lets line up you fav. G men. I bet one of them get down. Ramses Barden, Victor Cruz, Hakeem Nicks, Antrel Rolle, Justin Tyron, David Wilson, Corey Webster, Osi Umenyiora, Ahmad Bradshaw, and Martellus Bennett. Now the chances are much higher since they are all on the same team, and that is 10 out of 53 lol. More than likely one of….

        1. ^i have my suspicions about a few of them.
          i wonder how do players who are gay coordinate with each other?
          where do they hang out at?
          who do they date?

          i have questions lol

      3. Sure they come here, and there is nothing wrong with that at all. They are human like us, not to mention gay too lol.

      4. The lifestyles that ballers live make it hard to tell who is down and who is not because everyone is putting on a front, so I’m sure it’s hard to figure out if a fellow teammate is gay. One on one interactions tell a lot, and the obvious ones who have a googly eye issues.

        1. ^sometimes it is easy to tell.
          I thought I was the only one who did that lol
          they usually have a big problem with their leering.
          another thing I notice is who hangs with who.
          always a big telling factor.
          sometimes it’s not as obvious because they keep interactions behind closed doors.
          twitter and instagram has made it pretty easy to tell now.

      5. It is easy. The young ones really have an issue with their eyes, and some do not make enough eye contact. Niggas putting their heads down looking at the ground and shit when you past them. WTF? Not to mention the ones who quickly at other people.

      6. Not only is there the 53 man active roster there are the 23 players on the proactice and scout squads. Add into the locker room a coaching staff of 40 which includes trainers, position coaches and there are over 100 in the lockerroom. The 15% is low when you add the bisexual players many who see it as the ultimate power. The ironic thing is most of the bisexual DL ballers are bottoms. Then add in the % who release watching pornmd. So then number is as low as 10 and as high as 25.

        1. ^who is fukin them?

          there is an actor who seems to mess with all the sexy ballers with dreads.
          the actor is a known wolf.
          he is black.
          you all can figure out who I’m talking about.

      7. Googly eyes are when guys keep eyeing back and forth. They may look away,but then look back again and so on. I try not to do that, but it is hard when you run into another down dude, and y’all have yet to talk to each other. I only do that with dudes that I know are down.

      8. No Jamari, we do not know who you are talking about. I think I know, but I doubt it. Drop another hint lol. An age range or one initial would be nice lol.

  4. Statistics prof. in college told me that any statistic divisible by 5 is a bold face lie. Think of all the men who have yet to admit to themselves that they are gay or bi.

    There is not one place in the world where you cannot find a gay or bi man.

    Homophobia and just plain ignorance is old.

    Ballers gotta lot more stuff to worry about.

    Focus on being healthy, that 88Plan, HRA, advisors, and family that has their best interests at heart.

    Everything else is not that important.

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