“5 Things Every Fox Should Know” by A Wolf

Screen Shot 2014-02-26 at 9.43.00 PMeveryone meet “theesupaman”.
wolf extraordinaire.
so one of my email favs sent me a video from him titled,
“5 things wolves want foxes to know”.
so i decided to watch it and of course,
i had my trusty britney gif armed and ready because i knew the antics were coming.





tumblr_mm4s60n8Xk1s49x9io1_400um so his whole list was about fuckin?
okay so no disrespect to him,
but i think he is a doofus and i’ll tell you why.
nice body.
nice voice.
clearly knows it and gets around.
that whole video was:

“if i plan on fuckin you,
know what i expect when you hit me up.”

…and that’s fine.
i’m sure his tribe of thots need to be trained accordingly.
so upon listening to his foolishness,
i decided to make a list of my own.
i’ll call it…


1 – know the fox that you signed up for.
well they never know.
i’m sure they are use to everyone dropping their drawz for over 3,000 followers.
well ya know what?
some foxes actually want to get to know your dumb ass.
it would help if you knew how to separate a “thot” from “a not”.
straight wolves seem to know that concept very well.
gay wolves tend to lump everyone in the same category.
if i’m not initiating a sexual convo,
it doesn’t mean i’m corny.
it just means that i want to be different than what you’re use to.
usually these types have zero conversational skills and want you to do all the work.
sadly a foreshadow in other areas as well.

2 – know how to have a conversation beside sex.
how was your fuckin day?
how was work?
was an boss an asshole today?
lets talk about your family…
are you close to them?
do you have siblings?
what was it like growing up in your household?
what are your goals?
are you planning on being a oversexed loser?
what do you want people to remember you by?
if you have issues with knowing how to have a convo,
this book is an excellent start:

51Qlmu0-dOLyou can pick it up ( x here ).
i own it and it’s awesome.

3 – if you drop off the face of the earth,
expect people to wonder what happened.
nothing worse than thinking you met a good wolf and he straight ignores you.
grow some balls and say:

“hey i’m not interested.”

its not that hard.
i’ve said it to plenty of wolves that i wasn’t feeling anymore.
they respected my honesty.
the person is blowing your shit up because you have “options”,
you didn’t end it respectfully,
and you treat everyone like a number.
also there is nothing wrong with having friends.
sure you may not be interested today,
but you don’t know what the future holds tomorrow.
well you mess with thots so…

4 – why don’t you take the time you are all about sex to try something different?
i know its hard,
but lets try something new.
how about going on a date?
going for some coffee?
seeing what this person is like?
hell do these people even like anyone past a week?
it seems like everyone is so built on sex in this life,
they forget how to treat the “right” person when they show up.
plus his number “4” confused me.
sounded like the description of a young thot.

and lastly…

5 – sex is better when it doesn’t come easily.
anyone can get on jack’d or whatever,
find someone to fuck,
and go at it in a alley or club bathroom.
passionate sex from someone you really like is sooooo better.
the build up.
the big throw down,
ya heardz me??
sadly sex is so easy nowadays,
and thots do damn near EVERYTHANG,
that what does it really mean anymore?
what makes my throat and hole different than username “suckdik4happymeals”?
shit i could swallow it all and he tells me:

“oh this one dude i met did it last year after his grandmama funeral.
we met on jack’d during the wake.
he also drank my pee and ate my shit as well.
damn i gotta call him.”

britneywell at least “theesupaman” gave us a wolf perspective.
even if i rolled my eyes a few times.
take his dossier as a red flag.
thots welcomed.

 his social: instagram

39 thoughts on ““5 Things Every Fox Should Know” by A Wolf

  1. I was going to write a long comment but what is the point? He’s very handsome. I really hope there is more substance to him.

    I’ve been in a committed relationship in Atlanta for the last 6 years. If that mindset is what I have to look forward to if anything were to happen…Damn. Hookup Etiquette?

    Most of my friends are in relationships – gay, lesbian and straight. I do have a few single friends that complain they can’t find anyone in Atlanta. All anyone wants is a date or a come up.

    I’d really like to think that there are more gays out there that know life is not all about clubs and sex. I understand us kids grew up repressed and usually spend some time getting it in. At some point you have to grow up.

    1. Last thing, Jamari. I’ve noticed White, Jewish men love a cute Black fox in a suit. They seem to fall for Black trade and are refreshed to see a Black fox that can handle business. Let us know if anyone tests you at work. Lol

  2. I have to say this too guys. Men with attitudes like this dude are the reason why so many Foxes and Hybrids are emotionally unavailable. They have little trust in men due to the fact that many of them have been mistreated repeatedly, which causes them to become jaded and have a biased opinion when it comes to Wolves and relationships. It is a challenge when you are putting in a substantial amount of effort to get to know a dude, and you have to break down multiple barriers for him to let you in emotionally. I shouldn’t have to pay for the damage caused by another man.

    1. So true. And these type think all foxes and hybrids are the same. Were all different some of us (like me) will just look at to dumb ass

  3. Yo. Please tell me that he didn’t actually use the word “uncouth” in this video. “Uncouth”? Yet this whole video is about “the dick/ass you signed up for”. Just tell me he didn’t say “uncouth”… please.

  4. Well I’m be honest and be the fucked up one to say I agree with some of the shit he said. Like I agree that its not all about sex honestly you have to probably consider that he has tried like I have to build something with dudes who in turn just want to have sex with you and nothing else.

    In addition, sometimes like he said dudes want you to go on like seven dates and talk to them on the phone at night and text them in the morning, and in the midday to prove your are interested. Sometimes too much, especially when they are talking to like two other dudes at the same time. Its moreso about how much you can do for them and that’s the bullshit. So in some regards I agree with him.

  5. But who’s top is he? Mine isn’t bopping to beyonce and wearing pearls so he probably skipped that meeting.

  6. He reminds me of every bisexual/gay man I’ve ever met!

    I literally saw every face of every dude that has ever treated me like shit, putting all the top shit aside.

    He’s attractive, but nobody’s home. There’s no desire to connect or get to know another person and yet we put guys like this on a pedestal.

    He didn’t just create this demeanor. Plenty of dudes have pumped his head up over time.

    Guys like him are why I’d probably never trust a dude.

    1. I have to add, if you’re going on a NSA sex spree as a coping mechanism like I’ve been known to do at times, he told no lies technically…

  7. I went back to sleep after I commented earlier this morning, and I woke up with a question weighing heavily on my mind. Are you Foxes allowing Wolves like him to top you? I’m just asking a question. This dude was extra to me, and he has feminine mannerisms, not to mention he was playing Beyonce aloud. I listen to Beyonce, but I’m not listening to her music aloud like that. Nah homie lol.

    I have raised this concern many times. However, I will mention it again. They are men who think they are masculine and they are not. Dudes are eye rolling, neck snapping, talking with their hands, and claiming to be masculine. Is that cool? I don’t think so.

    1. Butch Queen. Masculine by gay standards, slightly questionable by hetersexual standards. Might be mistaken for metrosexual. Obviously he’s out though

      1. Jay is right and some people actually prefer them because you get the benefits of a man being comfortable in his sexuality while still being (relatively) masculine.

    2. ^i don’t find him attractive.
      have met a ton of “him” in passing.
      they usually don’t like me because I don’t bow down to them.
      typical “im know im cute cause they told me on the scene” gay boy.
      he is only interested in sex and is probably vain as hell.
      his crew looks sketchy.
      Beyonc√© probably got him feeling like a “grown woman”.
      nahhhh homie.
      I’m not in his “dating demographic” anyway.
      the half naked bottoms all over Instagram that’s probably reblogged all over tumblr.
      he probably fucked (or going to) them all.
      someone’s business will be exposed.
      same shit; different crapper.

  8. What a handsome man! He needs to relax more before getting in front of a camera, but visually he’s a treat! I hope his next video isn’t filmed in some child’s nursery. Maybe a more masculine setting befitting such a handsome man. As to what he had to say, well, it’s bollocks! He needs to increase his circle of friends, as I’ve not experienced any of the things he was talking about. But I did pay attention to his mouth!

  9. I watched, and my expression afterwards was just like Britney Gif. Basically he could have saved that for somebody else.

  10. i LOVE how every youtube, IG, vine (even xtube) vid has Beyonce playin’ in the background nowadays…
    #LoveGoodTrish #SomebodyJustLearnedHowToUseUncouth

    Mmmmmmmm….but I feel some type of way just because I really don’t believe in strict top or power bottom roles. We want to define our own existence but we keep looking to the heteronormative to imitate masc/fem roles in the relationships we seek out. I don’t get it. We give those titles so much power when I’d bet that 99.1% of gay men are versatile in some regard. Lets face it – the right one hasn’t talked you (that’s the universal you) UP or DOWN yet. But trust, he’s out there. Sure, guys have their preferences and inexplicable attractions but never say never.

  11. I didn’t even make it through the entire video. He’s delusional and thinks a lot more of himself than he should. I was actually more confused about his top status than anything he said in the video. I’m more than sure he’s single.

    1. No more confused than I was. Dude is feminine in my opinion, and is definitely way too in to himself. SMH.

    2. Of course he’s single.
      He craves attention and strokes to the ego, in addition to sex.
      He has no need for companionship outside his already established circle.

  12. So he’s saying to know that you’re just a fuck toy, come over, make the top nut and leave. Is he for real?
    I hope no one takes this advice seriously. He literally said hitting him up to say hey stranger is being thirsty.
    *logs off*

    1. I’m shocked as hell at all the people agreeing with him in the comments section on youtube.
      Lol wow.

  13. The Britney gift was right on time for this fuckery. No this ninja didnt say the TOP meeting. In the hook up arena of all those thirsty ass Apps its only about 14 Tops left on any of them in these United States, they must had to fly in all over the country to have a meeting because its 1 Top to every 560000000000000000000 Bottoms, so if you are a real top you should have your fill of ratchet Bussy. Im so over the hook-up thing and been over it for a while and feel sorry that so many dudes both Tops and Bottoms play themselves on these social sex apps and end up empty and alone hoping that someone new is going to pop up and they are gonna get another chance. The dude in the video was cocky AF and usually dudes like this are really closeted bottoms, Im betting my bro “The Man” can break him down and having him begging for the pipe-LMAO, just kidding “Man” but I can see you going after a dude like that to put him in his place.

    1. Top meeting? Didn’t even know meetings such as these existed. I read the comments first and I was confused af. What are they talking about?

      Yep, I could have this guy if I wanted him. However, it may be a challenge since he’s cocky. This guy may actually be a top, but he could be persuaded if the right man comes along. I would have to weaken him down emotionally, which shouldn’t be hard since men easily get attached to me after one convo. I actually have dreams, goals, and aspirations. I can hold a conversation, a great one at that. Last but not least, I care about my partner more than myself, which makes me very attentive. I could go further lol. When a man has never been deeply in love with a man, he’ll be weak and vulnerable to the first man who has a great impact on him emotionally. When a man falls in love for the first time he is very vulnerable. We all know this lol.

  14. The scary part is there are a lot of unavailable wolves who think like this. And then turn around and wonder why so many foxes chase after straight men. We can exchange bodily fluids but you cant hold a conversation? Too busy with their own dicks in their mouths. These are the types who tend to be serial monogamists. Spend a lot of time chasing after high yellow foxes. Taking massive amounts of photos of themselves. Post status updates with absolutely no substance. These types of gay men exist because there are plenty who will entertain them hoping to be considered his exception. Watch stuff like this and be like “oh hes not talking about ME.” Hopefully we can have more positive examples of wolves to post who, when putting themselves out there, say something worthwhile. Until then ill keep scrolling through the tumblrs….

    Your rebuttle is spot on as always.

    1. ^i remember someone told me last year that:

      “this is the lgbt community and it means everyone is fuckin.
      gay means to have great sex.
      you live in ny.
      you should be fucking someone.
      hell a couple people.”

      they said i was “weird” and “asexual” because i wasn’t out there having random sex.
      it lowkey hurt my feelings and made me wonder if i was doing something wrong.
      well fast forward to this year,
      they’re depressed because they don’t know themselves.
      went through all these dudes and wishes one actually stuck around.
      so while they was assuming the “position” in one of those roles,
      i was getting my life in order,
      writing on this site faithfully,
      and keeping myself open for someone,
      who is better than what i WAS use to when i was out there meeting “plenty o’ doofus”.
      i found it better to not get off the beaten path.

      1. This NSA culture is hurting us and we don’t even know it. It takes very strong boundaries and swlf awareness to come out of it with your happiness intact. But since so many of us are out there trying to fill and internal void with men who have no intentions of sticking around, they end up damaged. Many of us who are social media addicted should be no where near the internet because they do not have the skills it takes to separate whats reality versus whats an image. They internalize something that isnt even real and develop points of view and bad habits that are counter to bringing about anything of value.

        Its videos like this with men like him that makes us believe we must be soulless sex fiends to get a man’s attention. We convince ourselves we must put our own wants and needs to the side and cater to his nonsense because we’re meant to think that is whats going to make him love us when he has no intentions on sticking around with anyone. Im sure hes going to post something counter to this though. Saying theres more to him than this video. That he has “haters” and how hes going to do what he wants to do and blahzay blahzay. Which is fine. But there still needs to be a counter to these types of statements. Educating those who do not know any better that you DO NOT entertain men with these types of views because they will not yeild the type of long lasting connections so many of us are in search of.

  15. This is ridiculous. Or should I say that it makes sense only for thirsty bottoms that crave that dick? It is certainly not about relationships or friendships or even friends with benefits. It’s clear that he’s talking about hook-ups. Well, in a hook-up situation, it’s not about mutual respect and satisfaction. It’s about using each other as human masturbation machines. And that throws most of the rules out the window. For example, if you don’t like the dick/ass, then leave or tell him to leave. If you bust a nut, party is over–you don’t wait or assist in his busting–and it’s time to leave or for him to leave.

    Relationships, friendships or friends with benefits are not about using each other as human masturbation machines and they are not about the BS that he talks of. So it’s not about top vs. bottom or wolf vs. fox. It’s about the nature of the relationship!

    Tops and bottoms (Wolves and foxes): Live by the hook-up and you play by “hook-ups rules”!

  16. did he say a TOP meeting? WTF..seriously?? he must be talking to these young ass kats who thirst for any sex with any dick at anytime! Oh the young….SHALLOW SHALLOW SHALLOW

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