Jamari Gets Sent To The Office (Oh God)


tumblr_lq9gyadswG1qdm61io1_500“jamari i need to see you in the regional manager’s office immediately.”

i hung up and looked at thing 2.
thing 2 being the other assistant.
she reassured me that things would be okay,
but she would say a prayer for me just in case.
i really didn’t want any surprises…

i went upstairs and was greeted by the regional manager,
a bigger boss,
an assistant,
mr. green,
and my boss in one of the big conference rooms.
i was kinda shook,
but i played it off the best i can.

“i wanted to bring you in here because we wanted to tell you how great you are doing.
you have surprised us with how much you have caught on and been taken charge.
i wanted you to meet ___________________,
who happens to be my manager.
thing 2 has been telling us how you never ask her for help and your duties are always completed in a timely fashion.
mr green was telling us that you were actually going to another company,
but i’m glad we got you because i have yet to be disappointed.
he spoke highly of you and you have exceeded our expectations.”

IMG_0473i exhaled softly,
thanked them and mr green for giving me the oppurtunity,
and listened to whats happening these next few weeks.
he said its going to be really busy,
but i look like i can handle it.
thing 2 said that i always look so calm and relaxed.
shit after what  been through…
i learned working in corporate not to let people or the work load stress you out.
afterwards i went and got my official id badge,
which means i am legit part of this company now.
when i showed thing 2 my id,
she said:

“wow that is a real nice picture.
you look like a football player.”

oprah-reactioni had to ask myself if i gained weight or something?
she said i look sexy in my id.
i guess.

moments like this tho makes me thankful people second guessed me.
i’m grateful for all those people who ignored my resume,
played me with jobs,
and the temp agencies that treated me like trash.
it all led up to me getting this amazing job with people who recognize what an asset i am.
almost like that man who dropped you like a bad habit,
ignored your calls/texts,
but now wants you back because someone else realized your potential.
we tried to had told em.

lowkey: left thinks i should dumb myself down with this job.
last job i did the same and look where that got me.
how do you dumb down natural work ethic?
i did have a moment where i had to wonder if i’m setting myself up for failure?
i waited this long for a good job and i don’t want to fuck it up.

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12 thoughts on “Jamari Gets Sent To The Office (Oh God)”

  1. Again, I’ve said it before Jamari, and I’ll say it again. You ARE a force to be reckoned with. It’s showing, and I hope you realize what a blessing you are to so many others dude. We all see what can happen if you stay afloat & believe.

    Okay, I got alldat off my chest. LOL. Sounding like a Disney movie & shit…

  2. Good job my love, God help those whom help themselves and look at you now! I.D card being praised and all that jazz!!

  3. Good job. Now keep up the good work so that you’ll pass probation, ward off any downsizing the company might do and set yourself up for promotion!

    I too hate it when I’m called into the office or I’m called unexpectedly by higher ups. My first thought is “I’m gonna be fired.” But it’s never that. My imagination runs wild!

  4. you GO BOY (in my GINA voice)…so you went from temp to permanent.. proud of you although i havent found work yet it warms my soul to see others gaining employment after going through so much heartache

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