So He Had No One Else That Wanted To F?

how odd is this story?…

 A Fort Pierce Central High School football player has been arrested on a lewd and lascivious conduct with a minor charge after his 14-year-old cousin became pregnant with his baby.

Fort Pierce police began investigating the case on October after the teen girl’s mother gave her a pregnancy test that came up positive, and she admitted to having sex with her older cousin.

Investigators determined the two had sex in late June when the girl was visiting family at Sharieff Inuka Rhaheed-Muhammad’s home in Fort Pierce.

The girl told police that Rhaheed-Muhammad didn’t force himself on her and that the sex “just happened.” He tried again later and she turned him away, according to a police report.

The pregnancy was aborted in November, and genetic testing of the remains showed on Feb. 11 a nearly 100 percent chance that Rhaheed-Muhammad, 17, was the father. After Rhaheed and his mother refused to provide a DNA sample, police served a search warrant at the high school in November and took a swab of his DNA, according to the report.

A 6’2″ 200-pound linebacker, Rhaheed-Muhammad just recently signed to play for the University of Louisville in the fall. He has no criminal history.

Rhaheed-Muhammad was released from juvenile detention Tuesday on the felony charge.

mcgrbrwell this gives a new meaning to keeping it all in the family.
all the potential exxxotical pussy he would have gotten…
…he chose his cousin?
so i guess this means that football career is over or nah?
/duh /endsarcasm

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6 thoughts on “So He Had No One Else That Wanted To F?”

  1. The Ancient Egyptians kept it all in the family too.Cleopatra fucked her own brothers.

    My only comment on this story is SMH…

  2. What a shame. You don’t fuck with relatives but the actual truth is that fucking with relatives is very common. That’s because they are not strangers and you are comfortable around them and there are no questions when time is spent with them alone and otherwise. This guy is a big dummy.

    And what about his cousins mother? (His aunt by blood or marriage?) Why did she go to the police? Why didn’t she keep in in the family? Is it because he was probably 3-5 years older than his sex-mate cousin and that the sex apparently started when the sex-mate cousin was 11 years old? What would you do if you were the mother or father of the girl?

  3. I know it doesn’t excuse it one bit but I wouldn’t be surprised if he himself was a victim of abuse by a family member or loved one. Victims become recidivist aggressors.

  4. he looks like his elevator doesn’t go all the way up…smh and his mother should be ashamed for trying to delay the inevitable…smdh 6’2 and 200lbs he could have gotten all kinds of pussy and ass lets be real…it’s obvious he enjoyed it and he’s a pedophile because she’s underage as welll…most states you have to be 16 or 17 for it to be consensual….

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