Anon (Means Shut The Fuck Up)


Shout outs to all my dudes who holla’d at me in email.
I appreciate you checking me out.
Potential Daddies for the kid stand the F up!

Let’s talk about the art of being anon.

Real talk,
I can fuck with a celebrity, athlete, DL/Discreet kat and keep my mouth shut.
I guess living in the hood taught me that rule.
I do not need to be blabbing to everyone that I am getting platinum dick or attention from a celeb.
It is honestly no one’s business.
Even on my blog.
I keep my stories hot without naming names and outing someone.
You know I hate outing with a passion.

It is NEVER that serious.

That is what turns on dudes that read this blog that have hit me up in emails.
I keep it very hush hush and they appreciate that.
I COULD be talking about a celeb/athlete but you would never know.
The blog would go in a neutral direction.
I may mention he is someone important but isn’t it more of a turn on
to not know who I am talking about?
I like that part of my life private.

I do not believe in being an open book.

That is difference between gay dudes and females.
Females fuck a celeb and want to tell the entire world.
Sharing groupie tales with various blogs about the dick and DETAILED my dudes.
I mean I enjoy it cause I get to know what I may be working with
if I find out he is D/L.

Putting up vaca photos on Myspace or Facebook.
Telling stories to anyone that will listen….
…then that person goes and tells someone else …
…who tells someone else that knows someone who knows the celeb and then her ass is dumped.
Crying on her couch while deep throating a spoon attached to Ben & Jerry’s Double Fudge Ice Cream.

That shit is for the BIRDS (literally).

That is what use to PISS ME OFF HEAVY with Kim Kardashian.
Fucking with Reggie Bush (btw, holla @ me Reggie!)
and protesting she wanted to keep that private.
But then this bird is in her blog writing every single detail about their relationship.

Turn off chick.

Because of our lifestyle not being accepted,
we are forced to keep our mouths shut.
Even the females fucking females,
they learn to be hush hush.
We get the dick (well they get a strap on), vaca, and the cash and just enjoy it.
You get that call or text and we pack our bags to go enjoy our DL/Discreet man.

I can rock with it.

I do NOT like to see a man all the time anyway.
I like to know that he is thinking about me and wants me,
texts or calls here and there,
but for him to be all up in my space annoys me HEAVY.

Go home Roger!

I guess I am a different breed.
My family was very private so I followed suit.

I can see a dude that is fucking me in public or a party
and complete see him and ignore him.
(Granted that has gotten me a “Oh its like that shawty” text)
but I mean COME ON dude ….
I let the dude lead.
I like him being My Little Secret.


“The fact that they don’t know,
That really turns me on.
They’ll never guess in a million years,
That we’ve got this thing going on…”

I am not going to look thirsty.

Big Jamari no-good tag.

As for my identity…
I kind of feel like a super hero.
Clark Kent/Peter Parker type of vibe.
I have my own shit going on and that is why I stay private/discreet.
Due to those reasons,
I am anon.

But in the meantime,
just call me Fox.

Jamari Fox.

That is all you  need to know.

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  1. WOW! LOL @ “reggie bush”

    I am not sure how many good men you are going to find with this blog post. Most good run away fast from anything.

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