Sex, Lies, and Stolen Video Tape… (A4A Part 2)

if you met this hybrid wolf on a chat site:

what would you do?
he is handsome.
nice lips.
looks like he knows how to dress.
well what would you do if he stole all your shit and held it for ransom?
well that same anon from the last letter…

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Anon (Means Shut The Fuck Up)


Shout outs to all my dudes who holla’d at me in email.
I appreciate you checking me out.
Potential Daddies for the kid stand the F up!

Let’s talk about the art of being anon.

Real talk,
I can fuck with a celebrity, athlete, DL/Discreet kat and keep my mouth shut.
I guess living in the hood taught me that rule.
I do not need to be blabbing to everyone that I am getting platinum dick or attention from a celeb.
It is honestly no one’s business.
Even on my blog.
I keep my stories hot without naming names and outing someone.
You know I hate outing with a passion.

It is NEVER that serious.
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