Sex, Lies, and Stolen Video Tape… (A4A Part 2)

if you met this hybrid wolf on a chat site:

what would you do?
he is handsome.
nice lips.
looks like he knows how to dress.
well what would you do if he stole all your shit and held it for ransom?
well that same anon from the last letter…

Last week I got on adam on Thursday evening to find a like-minded masculine dude who was into a NSA session. I met this guy Cortez aka IMDAPARTY. We talked for a few and he was eager to link up. He came over and we did our thing. We chilled, blazed and had what I thought was a good time. 


After a couple of hours he left. But returned a few minutes later asking me what my plans were for the evening. I told him nothiing, and he suggested that I come to his house and chill. Im farely new to ATL so dont know the area. He told me he lived on McDaniel St (Luckey’s note: In the West End area). which I now have discovered is a very seedy part of town. Initially I was interested. In the art of full disclosure, I am a apple products guy. Anything apple own. Mac book. iPod, iPad, etc. Cortez suggested that I bring my mac so we can watch movies because he didnt own a computer. 

After a quick shower we were off or so I thought. He had “helped” me by packing my bag and we headed to his car. Once inside his vehicle I realized I had left my wallet in my house. My ininitial thought was to take my stuff with me, but he found that odd, and began to talk me out of my common sense. He assured me wouldn’t steal my shit because A. we’d been spending a nice grip of time together. And B. To make me feel better he backed his dark gray Kia SUV to my door in an attempt to prove he wasn’t shady. 

I got out his car. Ran to my apt door. I was in and out all of 12 seconds. When I went outside Cortez was gone and with all my stuff. 

Bubbling with anger I attempted to call Cortez but he wouldn’t pick-up. I had no choice but to call the police. When the police arrived and I told them my story they chastised me, rightfully so. Apparently they have hundred of thousand of cases in the Metro ATL area on behalf of Adam4Adam. The officer stated to me that I wasn’t robbed more so a victim of theft. The officer reinforced my story that I basically allowed a stranger into my home and he walked away with your stuff. I could file a report, but it woudldnt do much good b/c this is more a civil “he said, he said”. Without proof of theft I was basically shit out of luck. 

I than began to reach out via text to Cortez to get my shit back and this is the text message convo that occured:

Theres more convo but to save time I gave the most important. This nicca not only came into my house and walked away with my stuff but then held my shit for 400 bucks. Extortion on adam. WTF? Seeing my MAC has highly sensitive info on it leaving it out there in the world was not an option. The damage would have far exceeded 400 in the wrong hands. My main goal was getting it back. 

I met up with someone Cortez sent at a gas station to get my shit back. While beating they’re ass was on my main frontal lobe, im so discreet and private that a big ordeal was not of interest me. At the end of the day it was my fault and I couldnt blame anyone for my stupidity. Unfortunately Cortez didnt hold up his side of the deal. I was only returned my mac pro, but the ipad and ipod were not returned. However when I got my mac it seems IMDAPARTY was logged into his adam4adam account on my computer and forgot to log out. Attached are pics from his email which shows that minutes after stealing my property he began trying to hock it to anyone on adam.

Reading this I now realize how stupid I was. I wasn‘t thinking clearly and maybe my size and ego wouldnt allow me to believe that someone would be so brazen to rob someone like myself. But alas it happened. My goal in sharing this info with you is to act as a cautionary tale. Adam4Adam, and I assume the other hookup sites, though I can speak for them, has become a very dangerous place. Not only do I now no longer feel comfortable having anyone in my home I don’t know. But, its becoming abundantly clear that the internet is no longer –maybe never was– a safe place to meet other bruthas. 

It’s funny how we as black people have such a disdain for white folk, yet white people have never come into my home and extorted me for my own property. Thats a black man all day.  I am done with adam. and definitely done with dealing with my folk for a minute. While I know there are good people online, and this is only my second bad experience in at least 12 years of dealing with online folk, there’s a lot of seedy, treacherous people who‘s goal each day is to link up with unsuspecting people and get whatever they can however they can. 

And to know the police either dont want to get involved or wont depending on the officer leaves a victim helpless and alone.My hope is that my story saves someone else. At the end of the day Im grateful it didnt end as badly as it could have. I could have been dead — you just dont know with people these days. 

But I thought I’d share with you all my horrible Adam4Adam experience. Remember people hundreds of thousands of cases reported by victims here in ATL. And there’s nothing anybody can do to help you. The only person who can help you is YOU. Listen to your inside voice. If you have hesitation DONT DO IT. period. Fuck how cute.

am i wrong to think this person is a complete idiot?
people try to hustle us every day out here and you fall for his okey doke?!?!??
first off,
apple products are expensive AF.
you don’t have random dick off chat sites around your nice shit.
i damn near be ready to stab someone who even looks at my mac the right way.
he saw dude and was hypnotized off that look and the pipe.
look it happens,
but have this stranger packing your bag for him?
how he even steal the ipad and iphone anyway???
he should have brought dude in the crib,
fuck him in the living room,
and tell him bye.
why ya’ll going to his crib to chill for a second time?
then you gotta pay for your stolen shit back??!?
and through another person???
you would think he would learn from the escorting situation in the last story.
well there is an update.
a second victim of cortez has cum….forward:


with someone hittin’ up cortez on a4a…


cortez is a dumb ass too.
anon was supposedly “taping you“,
but you tell him to bring all his shit to your spot?
this whole situation reads like a gay ghetto play.
we will call him robbin hood.
steal from the horny.
give to himself.
let this story be a lesson to the foxhole:


you gotta fuck these mofos in your hallway and shit.

lowkey: someone gonna put cortez out there.
i can feel it.
just wait.

30 thoughts on “Sex, Lies, and Stolen Video Tape… (A4A Part 2)

  1. NO. 1 rule in the punk handbook!!!! THE TRADE IS NOT TO BE TRUSTED!!! If they tell you the sun is shining you better go LOOK!!!! You should have your Union card snatched for even turning your back more than 30 degrees from a piece of trade!!!! If you gonna have em, get bars inside & out, or call Enviroblind and get some roll down shutters!!! However you gotta rememeber, what good is all that security, if your allowing the enemy in!!! They look at homosexuals as prey man!!!

    1. Great post and warning to the brothers, Cleophus. I always tell people to go with that inner voice. Can’t be repeated enough because there are always young brothers coming into the life. The other thing is just because so many of us have nice muscular bodies doesn’t mean we are any match for someone waiting for the right moment to strike while our guard is down. Your mind is on pleasure; they’re waiting for the right moment to strike. Even if they don’t steal anything while there, they have seen your place and can set up a burglary. I have been blessed. I’m human and did some crazy things in my younger days. Once saw a guy finer than anybody Jamari has posted on here who had just gotten out of prison carrying a long screwdriver, probably to break into cars or use as a weapon. He was so hit, I was so horny, I brought him to my place. The sex was off the chain. Nothing bad went down but I couldn’t stop hoping he would not break into one of my neighbors’ cars or even my car when he left. Hell, he could have turned the screwdriver on me! He talked about hooking up again but fortunately I came to my senses. Warnings like this have been given before but reading that post by Cleophus made me stop in my tracks to add my two cents one more time. When a man is found dead in his home without any signs of forcible entry, what do you think has happened? Think about it. Gotta run; sorry ’bout not breaking this up into paragraphs. Hope there’re not too many typos.

  2. I’m so proud of you young bruhs for using your heads. Thugs are very good at reading people. Keep in mind, while we’re in school or at work, they’re at work, too — plotting ways to get over on unsuspecting people! When one is horny — and everybody gets horny at times — the guard gets let down. Even if we’re in shape and can fight, the thug has scoped us and assumes we don’t want or can’t stand the publicity. They probably already have records and figure we would have more to lose creating a scene. While our minds are on pleasure and having a good time, they are plotting the right moment to strike! Remember, they are at work when with us, biding their time to strike. I’m glad everybody is using the heads on their shoulders. Always let the big head lead the one down there. And, go with that little voice. Times are rough and people are desperate. They assume we all have money, can’t fight and don’t want drama. Jerk off if you’re super horny. It might be better to meet people when not super horny, so the thinking is more sound. And, listen to that little voice in the back of our heads.

  3. Honestly that why I don’t fuck with niggas from ATL. ALL Y’ALL MOTHERFUCKERS SHADY ASS BITCHES. If half of y’all come to NYC these niggas will make you a pennies change, that shit dead got me tight Jamariz. You got this dumb ass nigga from NY, desperate for friendship and this crazy ass gay from ATL. I don’t have the time for anyone from ATL.

  4. “…Disdain for white folk, yet white people have never come into my home and extorted me for my own property. Thats a black man all day. ” – I just feel only because we have heard no stories of this happening to white folk, we shouldn’t really put out mouth on black folk, in interiority.

    In my opinion, This can happen to anyone.. we you get blindsided by something you want and someone you think is HOT! You can end up acting like a damn fool! These people know this and know the way they look can make people drop their guard down!

    I had a similar situation, not to this extent, only in a club, where a straight guy was a in a gay rave and just because this boy wouldn’t have given him something, he took it upon himself to snatch it out of this boys hand (something trival, not a personal possession)., The wolf then went to say… ‘I bet if I was gay, you would have given it to me’. Proof how the mind works that because I look like this (he was alright), you would give me anything I need

    Sometimes you have to really look hard for those honest people in your, regardless of what package, shape, size they might come in! I am not just saying good- looking people will rob you, but maybe an example of who we let ourself trust on face value.

  5. I woulda heard the alarm as soon as he invited me to his place and suggested I bring my laptop. We already chillin in my place…what is there a need to relocate for?

    Oh, and “party freak” and “drugs often” means he on that crystal too. No bueno

    1. ^when i read his a4a profile and saw the word party,
      i figured he was a meth head.

      maybe he stole the items to sell for money for meth?
      just a hunch?

  6. This is one reason we need to know all types of people. Me personally, I would have set him up with somebody else and had it laid out with one of the homies and would have pop out of a closet on his ass when he came over and lets just say he would have brought the shit back willingly. You can never let your guard down with strangers. I have heard and seen it all with some of these hook ups including one dude who was robbed and the gun jammed saving his life, another who was with a couple of friends and they invited some dudes back over to their house late night after the club and the dudes tried to rob them thinking they were easy targets but these queens were all from the hood as well and fought them like street nigga’s and the boys ended trying to get away from them. I have been blessed because I have done some stupid shit in my younger days leaving myself vulnerable by having hookups at the house, but I have learned that you better take a quick hook up around the corner to have relations, and not bring them to your house. I guess this dude has learned his lesson but oh boy is gonna meet the right one who is going to hand his ass to him on a platter, or he is gonna run into a Jeffrey Dahmer type who will eat his ass literally.

  7. Wait……. I’m sorry I’m just not that trusting no matter how fine you are or how long I’ve been without. Especially if you in a new city don’t trust no one!!!! But I’ve been off Adam ever since I got hit up by a escort and I knew it would be somthin similar to this. I feel for these dudes but COME ON MAN!!! We are fuckin men!!!

  8. I’m with you Jamari that guy is a TOTAL idiot, and the retard is NOT from NY, how does an ATL guy hustle a NY-can…can that be real life??

  9. Muthafuckin SUCKERRRRRRRRRRRR, he should have had his car stolen from him too.. LOL you “go out” with a guy who doesn’t own a “computer” AND that sounds cool to you? Not like we’re all reasonable 100% of the time but COME FUCKIN ON…

    1. If he doesn’t have a computer.. how does he charge his phone, upload pictures, download apps etc on to his phone, have wi-fi to go on these type of site!!??

      But you get BLINDSIDED but such BEAUTIFUL WOLVES in life, that make you crazy! The most beautiful people have the MOST UGLIST MINDS!!

  10. Oh wow…I sort of feel sorry for dude but how can you be so gullible. There are some evil people out here in this world and you always have to be on the lookout for shady behavior. He never should have decided to go chill over dude’s house after they were just chilling at his house (confused)!

  11. You know I can’t even go in on how stupid his actions were.

    We’ve all been had at one time or another. Maybe not to this extent though.

    What part of the game is showing people you don’t know all the shit you have?

    There are dudes out here preying on the lonely and horny and they come in nice packages.

    They know most dudes are not going to go to the police because they don’t want to disclose the suspect way they met these sketchy dudes.

    You do not let these random people know where you live or what you have!

    1. Right jay nobody ever heard of meeting in a public place first to judge a dudes character. I mean this could happen or worse. This is one reason why I keep my s*** under lock and key

  12. Don’t know why the police told you what they did other than the fact that they didn’t want to do their job. You should’ve filed a complaint.

    Furthermore, all this shit y’all are posting is proof. Whether it was broken or not, he has it and the owner wants it back. Take this shit to the police and press charges.

    Thirdly, Cortez or whatever the homo’s name is, is going to meet the wrong one one day and find himself with a .45 to the dome.

  13. Lmfao I can’t with this dude the incompetence is staggering. I’m glad he is deleting his online profile b/c clearly he cannot handle the responsibility of it. I have never and never will use online to meet anybody I just don’t trust I don’t want an addict, thief, or catfish situation happening in my life. Also why didn’t the dude just track his apple products there is an app for that. Once he tracked it he could have called the police and brought them with him to retrieve. I know they do that in NYC.

    1. ^good point.
      but you see the dude’s shit was busted and broken.
      everyone who has any apple product,
      turn this on:

      find my iphone, mac, or ipad

      also turn on photo stream and send all your pictures to your devices.
      if you items ever get stolen and the theif takes pictures,
      they will be sent to your other devices and you can send the evidence to the police.

  14. ROTFLMAO…”I got out his car. Ran to my apt door. I was in and out all of 12 seconds. When I went outside Cortez was gone and with all my stuff”. I can’t get over the fact that all that shit he stole was busted and broken lol

    Yo, that was funny as shit. Me and my laptop we almost off the bed after reading that. When are y’all niggas gone learn? You guys be better off meeting a dude on the outside. That way you can observe the dude for a while. Everyone wants that quick nut or a friend to talk to. That is not the place to look for friends, no chat site is.

    1. ^all broken shit tho.

      i’m so grateful all the wolves i met offline were not stalkers,
      or psychos.
      i can’t have these problems.
      this got me questioning if i want to even meet anyone?

      1. Nah, don’t let that shit stop you.That is why you observe the dude before getting close to him. It never fails because you get to know more about him. You get to know who his friends are, you get to know more about his personality. You can’t do that on chat sites. You can only go by pictures and what he chooses to tell you about himself.

      2. LOL. I hope it reaches someone tho Jamari. People out there are out to get you, and many people are unaware. Those online strangers are the worst. They will use and fuck you and take everything you got, and that includes your dignity. I will NEVER let a man or woman do that to me. Blinded by love my ass. Every dude I have talked to or been interested in always checks a good guy. All they really do is smoke Mary Jane, and few didn’t do that. Ya boi got good taste :-). That dude I told y’all about last year was the best guy that I ever liked, they don’t come better than him. He was cool, and he was real friendly and outgoing like myself. Here is an update on him tho. I just ran into him an hour ago up close and personal. It was awkward as usual lol. We looked away from one another and then we said “sup” to eachother and that was it lol. He drives me nuts. Talk about fine. *closes eyes and head drifts back* I guess I’m not over him lol. Fuck it.

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