How Adam4Adam Is Wrong For Your Life (Part 1)

i’ve got 1 of 2 updates.
one that involves water balloon butt cheeks,
and recreational drugs.

they also involve how adam4adam has become “the place to not be“.
i was over at luckey’s side of town when i saw a familiar face.
luckey got an anonymous letter,
from the same person,
which happened to feature this wolf…

that’s the escort with the water balloon butt cheeks.
wait til you read this:

His name is I_Am_Legend. He was in ATL for MLK weekend and I have no shame in ponying up 150 bucks to get a nice lookin dude to all kinda freaky thangs. In the art of full disclosure I will say that I parTy. Its purely recreational and don’t get to do it unless I have 3-4 days off at a time. “Legend” or Demarkus Washington as he claims to also be known also likes to parTy. So the plan was my place, 150.00 and I had parTy favors for a freak session. Well I later found out he was an addict. 

We parTy’d for quite a bit until I was ready to do our thing. He’s everything physically in person, and had no problem flaunting his body and that mouth watering booty.  He was almost giddy at the net showing his ass so much love. He showed me all kind of pics from Mediatakeout, etc that showed his ass getting luv. We made small talk, but after he used all my supplies he suddenly remembered he’d have make a club appearance at 595 for the gay weekend. He asked me if I access to more favors, which I do. He said he’d return and we’d finish our meeting and I’d reup.

He returned the next day for was supposed to be “our time”. We were actually in the act of having sex when his phone rang and he answered itIt seems some “white” clients wanted to book him and wanted to spend a lot to book him so mid sexual act with me he told me he’d have to come back. First off how that must sound exactly how I heard it because I was beyond disgusted. Who says that to someone when your both naked and in the act of sex? Call me crazy but my first escort experience wasn’t the ‘Pretty Woman esque” rationale I‘d intended. 

Legend then calls me the third day apologizing and claiming he’s gonna make it up to me. As furious as I was hell I already paid so I figured what the hell. Oh yes I forgot to tell you that he took the money from our time to get to his other appts. How you have no budget to cover your overhead minus profits is a business course I must have been absent for because that was crazy. However, this time I had NO favors on purpose. And when he came and found none he wasn’t too thrilled. He began walking around the apartment screaming that he felt like he was dying and he needed some Tina to get straight. But this time he brought a friend he claims was from Machofucker and wanted to a 3sum. A. I wasn’t cool with it because I study Machofucker and I never saw this dude on the site ever. Not to mention what escort brings guests to your home? The entire ordeal was a mess.

immediately shut down. After Thredays I was thinking I was entertaining a nicca’s zaniness and I was actually dealing with an addict who not only didnt do his job, but migrates from city to city lookin for money to pay his hotel bill and get his fix. I thought when you hired an escort it was to avoid romantic involvment or bullshit ass fakers in the game. The idea of paying for a service is to get the service you wanted and paid for. And this didn’t happen.

I miss the old internet where only if you had a certain median income could you get online to meet other like minded people. Now-a-days with anyone being able to get online with a Metro PCS phone the hood boys are online in full force playing “escort” to get their fix

While I dont have to pay for sex, I am one of those who subscribed to the mantra that if 150 bux covers two at Ruth Chris or STK. I’ll give a nicca that if we can skip the small talk and b.s. but that didnt happen. 

I am now done with escorts. I tried it got burned (not sexually) and now im telling my sob story to you. Don’t cry for me Argentina. It was my choice. But I must stress that you stress to all your readers the dangers of escorting

If this interests you at all. I‘ll share round 2. Adam4Adam is becoming a very dangerous place.

well glad to know….
water balloon butt cheeks is not only an addict,
but a drag queen as well.
i’m glad i keep my ass off those online chat sites.
it seems to bring nothing but trouble.
can’t even get some pipe without having to punch someone in the head…

as far as this story,
this isn’t as bad.
okay well its terrible.
some people would have said fuck it and moved on.
still went looking for trouble.
what if those two fiends went crazy and killed mr. anon?
what would have happened then?
well the next letter is a great segway…

round 2 on the way.

lowkey: um,
what is tina?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

45 thoughts on “How Adam4Adam Is Wrong For Your Life (Part 1)”

  1. well i have to be honest i use to go to a4a when i was bored honestly its a good time suck once you realize 120% of the time you won’t find love quicker get an STD or I but love ………..NOPE. Last naughty thing i did from a4a was suck a mean dick off a pilot he was nice looking he wanted to fuck doe was not down for that plus he was not doing shit to me and i believe if ya gonna hit it then you need to lick it.

  2. I never heard of the name Tina lol. Learn something knew everyday. Oh as far as that online shit, that’s why I stay off of it. Shit, I watch the ID channel lol. People are c-r-a-z-y.

      1. ^yes keep it that way!

        btw everyone,
        since we are talking about drugs,
        i cannot stress enough to watch who you smoke weed with.
        a friend told me this guy out here was on his way to college with a full scholarship and his cousin laced his weed with something,
        apparently he was jealous of him…

        …he hasn’t been right in the head since.
        college career is pretty much not happening.
        please I beg you to be careful!
        i know way too many stories like this.

  3. Lmfao the whole time reading this I was like wth is Tina. Then I googled it and it said crystal meth. That right there should be a sign that you should not be messing with that person b/c they are a meth head. All you have to do is google the faces of meth to know that you should stay away from anybody who does it.

  4. Its funny he complaining about a $150 hooker hun if the hooker not 500 dollars and up dont expect much but to nutt. To me he realized you wanted company and used you in kind you got what you paid for.

  5. anybody tho puts those random capital T’s in their words (especially if they are talking about parTying) is talking about Crystal Meth. There is a huge underground in NYC where ppl get high on Crystal Meth and have nasty cumdumpster sex.

    I’m surprised you hadn’t heard of it…because that scene is worse than the coke-heads.

    1. Got damn, that’s crazy. I never want to go to NY again. I haven’t been there in almost 5 years.

  6. in all fairness, most of the people who get hooked on that stuff are unaware of how addictive that stuff is. Meth is doing similar damage to what crack did in the mid-late 80’s.

  7. I was just reading an article about gay black men getting hooked on crystal meth over at rod 2.0. Apparently it’s become a major epidemic. I never knew, or even could guess that would be a drug of choice. It seems pretty hardcore. no?

    1. ^i agree.
      i never knew,
      but I keep myself out of the underground scene so maybe that is why.
      meth is so dangerous and ages you about 25 years.
      i don’t understand the hype.

      1. That’s because you care about your future. Some people-unfortunately-are only driven by their immediate pleasure.

    2. Very hardcore. People switched from coke to meth when the prison sentences went thru the roof for coke possession. As long as you aren’t caught manufacturing meth, they’ll usually just throw you in rehab over and over.

      That shit is scary, because its made with a bunch of shit that can blow up a building.

      So so glad imma square

  8. I have so many questions and comments that I don’t even know where to start.

    You bringing random hoes to the place where you lay your head at night?

    First mistake!

    Dude can come back with some buddies and rob you blind.

    Second of all you supplying him with free drugs too?

    Then he takes calls in the middle of the session you already paid for?

    Fuck that.

    I’m not into drugs so the meth part would’ve killed any erection I had.

    He’s fucking for $150? You can’t even buy Jordans with that because of taxes. Lol

      1. Hell no! They can rob you and videotape the session and extort money later.

        You can get a room for $15-$20 for an hour or two. No excuse!

        1. ^there is a spot out here in queens that all the dl wolves take their prey to fuck.
          queens is far as shit so I see why they go out there.
          you possibly will not run into anyone you know.

          im about to start doing that myself.
          this bring “dudes to ya spot” is a no bueno.

  9. Wait. So you were still going to fuck a man who is clearly an addict, clearly an escort, and clearly engages in unsafe behavior?

    And people wonder why folks out here carrying.

  10. I never heard of “Tina” either. Ol’ dude must’ve really wanted sex bad though… I was told you never pay for pussy..or in his case ass. lol

  11. @Jamari: These two victims are either gullible or have little to no experience with men and online hookups.

    You NEVER let an escort into your house. If you feel comfortable letting a dude you’ve been talking to into your spot you keep anything remotely valuable out of sight and let him know indirectly you got something for that ass if he even thinks about trying something.

    I mean really? You showing dudes all your Apple products? Showing a meth addict you keep meth at your disposal?

    There’s definitely a common denominator. Inexperienced, gullible, and stupid comes to mind for lack of a better word.

    1. ^you summed it up nicely.
      i would hide all my shit and pull out my old broke laptop.
      id purposely make my house messy as hell.
      you not here for luxury.
      you are here to fuck and go.

      people you are talking to shouldn’t even know you have nice things.
      you let them know you have a comp and let them know about other shit slowly.
      you tell them you have nice things and they may want to use you.

  12. I swear I gagged for 12 hours straight reading both stories…I am trying to find more ‘victims’ and get their story! I got a mission to save these gullible souls!

  13. Jamari, you need queer as folk, the us version to.see how the white kids get down with tina. You know any time u see an ad.with the T capiTlized its.the code for party and play.
    You know peeps that pnp they just don’t bring it up publicly., you have to look for the code and signs.

        1. ^ill be honest,
          i always assumed meth was a country bumpkin trailer park drug.
          the pictures i saw where lower class whites.
          good to know our already confused black and gay community have joined the fun!

          shit like this makes me sad.

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