Forbidden Fruit Part 2

“aight daddy i’m ready” I texted.

“I’M CUMMIN SHAWTY” Jerome texted back.

I know I want to be.

As I sat on the edge of the couch, I looked at myself in the wall length mirror and stared. I cannot believe I am here about to fuck/suck my girl’s man. A feeling of doubt washed over me but … he was so hood. So sexy. One thing that is my weakness besides a sexy ass football/basketball player with body.

I was torn.

He arrived in about 25 minutes. I was ready to tell him turn back but when I got the text but, I told him to come upstairs instead. Maybe I can break it to him that I couldn’t be apart of this. That I suddenly had a conscious and I wanted to just chill …. but damn, if I didn’t just clean the boi pussy out thoro.


I opened the door to his precise knocks and there he was, looking sexy and wearing something alot more casual from earlier.

White T
Black NY fitted
Black sweats
Black and silver Nike Air Flightposites
Rosaries and a nice silver bracelet
Blunt wraps.
Hood …. just how I like them.

This is going to be hard.

“You got here fast.” I said, giving him a dap hug as he walked in.

“You know it.” He said, running his hands down my back and gripping my right cheek.

I started to get hard. Down boy.

He sat on the couch and held up the blunt wrapper, as a notion of if he could smoke in my spot. I didn’t mind.

I watched him roll up the L and just eye fucked his entire being. He was so damn sexy but his lips is what got me. They were a nice shade of pink and had these nice curved outlines around the ridges. One thing I liked is that he always protruded them when he was in deep thought. Just like as he was doing rolling up this L.

“Listen, we need to talk.” I said.

“About wha shawty?” He said, turning to me and lighting up.

“I feel like this might be a bad idea.”

“How you figure?”

“Because you fucking with my girl and I am feeling like a man ho at this point.”

“Relax shawty. It ain’t nothing. I told you that you don’t have nothing to worry about.”

He was so nonchalant about the whole thing, which turned me on a little.

“Take a hit of this…” He said, looking at me and licking his lips.

“Of what?”

He motioned the blunt towards me. I stopped smoking a long time ago but maybe tonight, I needed to relax. I took the blunt and took a good hard pull.

“Aiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight. I like that shawty.”

“Do you?”

“Yeah shawty.” He said, rubbing my thigh.

I gave him back the blunt and laid back on my couch.  I exhaled and just started at the ceiling. I was overcome with emotions. Some good and some bad. I could see Shondra’s face in my mind, looking at me in disgust. She was cussing me the hell out but I couldn’t hear her. I could see her actions and hand gestures. She wasn’t telling me anything nice. Then, she quickly vanished and then I saw Jerome hitting it from the back on the side of my couch. One leg was up the arm rest. I saw him holding me by my neck and sucking on my earlobe. His pants were down to his ankles and he was hitting it crazy hood style.

I liked that thought better.

“So, what is this going to be?” I asked.

“What you want it to be?”

“I don’t know.”

“You want more?”


That was a lie.

I know that if he asked me to be my dude, I could be on that like a fly on something sweet. I had to play it cool though. I cannot be acting like a sprung queen. If he was going to be with me, it would be after some time of good dick … but if he did this to Shondra, more than likely, he would eventually do it to me too.

“Cool.” He handed me back the blunt.

I took a couple more pulls and noticed that it was becoming a roach.

Suddenly his cell rang.

“What up ma?” He said.

I could hear the voice on the other end, it was Shondra. Fucked my high all up.

“I can’t boo. I am with my boy right now and then I got to go back to crib. Gotta wake up early to handle some shit with my car….. You know I do …. Trust I wish I could.”

I exhaled again. This time a little frustrated. Usually I have no feelings but this time this was different.

“Ima hit you up tomorrow though… I know baby…. Aight nite.” He said and then hung up.

“That was her huh?”

“Yeah, she wanted me to come thru. Probably wanted some dick.”


“You mad?”

“I don’t think I can do this.” I said, getting up, feeling light headed but trying to keep it together.

“You serious shawty?” He asked, looking up at me, eyes chinky.

“Yeah. I feel some kind of way about this.”

I was trying to look like I meant it but dammit, if I wasn’t high as gatdamn kite. I could barely think, let alone focus.

“Aight yo.” He said, getting up and walking to the door.

DAMMIT. I needed that. I was whining in my head and kicking myself at the same time as I followed him.

He turned to me and looked me in my eyes. I was done. That did it. All of a sudden, he grabbed me by my hand and his lips met mine. He held me by the back of my head and straight let me have it.  I do not know if it was because I was high but that kiss felt like electricity. I felt that shit. He literally kissed me weak. I felt him place both hands on my cheeks and squeeze them as he tongued the shit out of me. He sucked on my bottom lip for a minute, while looking at me in my eyes, and released it out of his mouth.

“You really want me to go?” He said, sliding his hand in the back of my sweats and rubbing his finger slowly against my hole.

“Naw, I don’t.”

“Good cause you going to get this dick tonight.”

He pressed his lower body on me, as he gripped onto my ass, and I felt the imprint of himself on me.

I tried but it was on….

To Be Continued….

Wriiten by the one, Jamari Fox.

July 30th, 2009 @ 245 pm.

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  1. Glad you liked it Deon. Jamari has a weakness for masculine men with body and swagg … and when they are “hood” boys, that makes it easier to fall. lol

  2. Yo, you really got me goin’ with this one. I’m not sure if you seriously did this, but wow. I mean, she(‘s) / (was) ya’ girl, right? What made you do it? This might be fiction. But if it is fiction, it’s damn hot! I really like it.

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