How To Wear Your Fur and Have People About To Vomit

tumblr_m9vqqprEn81qa57w7i love clothes.
a smart fox/wolf/or hybrid knows how to sniff out a good deal.
as the others run to buy shit they can’t afford,
i get compliments left and right about my wardrobe.
the fun part?
i barely spend a lot of money.
i am pretty much the best dressed in my department.
maybe the entire building.
i learned its not the “brand” you are wearing,
but how you wear it.
one of the foxhole conglomerate asked me this the other day…

“I need some shopping advice. I would like to expand my wardrobe but I’m afraid to spend money. I would like to know the places you shop, your budget and how frequent you shop.”

well i’ll share something with the foxhole…

it all started with two foxes.
i would always look at star fox and ask him how he does what he do.
he always knew how to look so fly and fox swagged out.

“you don’t have to spend a bunch of money to look good.”

tumblr_lp6mefTLYj1qi7yi5o1_500i looked at him like he was speaking german.
i got my extensive training of fashion just listening to him.
he was a stylist and he taught me how to:

put an end to being “matchy matchy” with color scheme
color blocking
wearing clothes that fit my body size
how to wear accessories to flow with your fit

i’m always one for a nice bracelet or something to hang on my neck.
i also watch different tv shows and look at how celebs dress.
he started to show me his items and how “not expensive” they were.
star fox introduced me to catching sales and the clearance rack.

after he passed,
i started to really get into shopping.
i live in the fashion capital of the world.
we usually rock that “new new” shit before the other forests.
my shopping routine is “whenever” to be honest.
i don’t have a specific time i like to shop.
sometimes its after work or on my lunch break.
luckily i’ll always catch a sale or two.
i’ll even go to bigger stores and window shop of things i do want for the futre.

since i’m on a budget right now,
these places:

brand_400x400 thumb_10187_logo_retailer_1x thumb_5157_logo_retailer_1x levis_page_logo banana-republic

Century_21_logo…help me to look well put together.
sometimes i’ll head to bk and go to williamsburg.
i love how h&m has come up over the years.
if you take care of the clothes you get from there,
they can last you a pretty long time.
although i hate there is an h&m on every corner now,
i still rock their shit differently than others.

the best advice i can give is wear outfits that match your personality.
i am usually a quiet fox so i let my wardrobe do the talking for me.
i love bright colors,
and since i’m a caramel complexion,
i wear things that make my skin pop.
i also go on themes as well.
my theme this summer is “beach bum hipster gold digga”.
its all about:

shorts with dress shirts
plaid shirts tied around my waist
just woke up out of bed hair
 “i have a rich wolf” type of confidence

when i style work wolf,
i dress him based on his personality.
he is a masculine wolf who is pretty laid back.
he loves name brand so i dress him according to his budget.
ever since i started getting his style together,
everyone gives him compliments.


foxhole assignment:
go to a tailor and get your measurements.
that is important to know what your true sizes is.

pants length

nothing i cannot STAND more is someone who is baggy.
if you are bigger fox/wolf/or hybrid,
there are ways to put together an outfit to hide your shape.
anyone with muscles should be wearing clothes to enhance your body.
like idris elba and this shirt:

tumblr_nhtre9WPq71tcbhsqo1_250 tumblr_nhtre9WPq71tcbhsqo2_250 tumblr_nhtre9WPq71tcbhsqo3_250even his pants fit:

after that,
head to one of the following stores above and grab what you like.
find the dressing room and play a game of dress up.
if you are feelin’ frisky,
go to barneys or even macys and do the same thing.
if you have money to drop there,
then by all means.
now go forth and make the foxhole proud!

lowkey: i want to do more fashion entries.

30 thoughts on “How To Wear Your Fur and Have People About To Vomit

  1. I’m the same. Clothes are my muse. My clothes determine how I’m going to feel once I step out the house. It’s been like that ever since I was in school, everything has to be A1. ESPECIALLY my shoes! I’m a shoe-head so I buy them every few weeks. My dress sense matches my personality too; ripped skinny jeans, long t-shirt dress, Calderbrook Timbs and maybe a fedora hat if I’m going anywhere special. I’ll even switch up my stud earrings if I want to try something different, it just depends how I’m feeling

  2. This is good tips . but you’re caramel complexion? Visually how I thought you looked like is now change.

    1. Yeah I thought he was chocolate. I’m caramel complected too so heyyy twin @Jamari lol

  3. hey jamari do u give out consultations for you styling advice? i need help! seriously. I have always love clothes i just cant seem to find looks that would fit me! Im not skinny or fat im in the middle with a lil love handles. Im so over the baggy and big look! i dont want to look European skinny i want to look contemporary urban black!

  4. ASOS is really good. I shop at H&M, Nordstorm, and Express Men as well. I’m on the slimmer side, so for me it’s all about finding clothes that fit my body type, and don’t look like I tried on my big brother’s clothes. lol. I used to rock Levi and Polo heavy back in high school. Oh, but how times have changed. Express and H&M normally get the job right!

    I have to agree with Jay though, basketball shorts are a must also. lol

  5. Love this, I agree good style is not about how much was spend but how the whole look comes together. I wasn’t a fan of H&M a few years ago because I felt like the women’s sction had more variety and trendy pieces but over the past year that has changed , every time I go in there I see a few things I like and cop. Urban Outfitters on the other hand isn’t doing it for me like they used to, so I’ve been resorting to more online shopping which is easy for me because I know my sizes in things very well. I’m all about ASOS and Boohoo (both UK online brands) they tend to have more stuff I’m into as of late.

    P.S. I like when you do fashion post your tips and sense of style are always refreshing to read .

    1. YES to online shopping! Check out Frank and Oak and Jack Threads too they’re really good I think!

      I really like these fashion posts too Jamari, you’re REALLY good at them! lol!

      1. Yeaaahhh D!!!! Frank and Oak and Jack Threads are the biz. Gilt and Mr. Porter are also up there. Love this J!

  6. I work in retail so my clothing game has went up ten fold lol. I am getting there with my style. I have adefined style now that I know looks good and works for my body type. I dress for my personality too! I like statement pieces (tops/sweaters most likely) and wear classic but chic clothes but STILL COMFORTABLE! I never spend too much money either, because its really just a waste of money. TopMan, H&M, Gap and Banana Republic are favourites of mine and all have good sales. I really want to check out Urban Outfitters. Its a MUST!

    Lately Ive been getting into boots. If you want to instantly upgrade your outfit, some kick ass boots and a cool scarf are the way to go guys! Seriously! I prefer fall fashion so thats where it applies to the most, im still trying to figure out summer fashion. I’m not a summer person lol.

    Jamari your blog helped me find my sense of style before I even started commenting. Every since I knew what a fox was (lol) I wanted to be the fly fox. I owe you for that lol.

    1. ^i LOVE fall!
      and no problem d!
      listen some chino shorts and a t shirt your size never hurt anyone.
      invest in some toms.
      they are comfortable and aren’t expensive.

      1. I bought a pair of linen khaki’s recently and I don’t know what to wear them with! Can I wear them with a basic v neck tee? and what shoes do I wear with linen khaki’s and chinos in general? Do I wear them with boots? Running shoes? I need help with that! what can i wear on top?

        I need a good pair of shorts too, I generally dont like shorts too much though, but i need some. i was going to get some denim shorts but they’re out of my size at my store (damn!)

      2. ^linen khakis would go well with a white v neck and some canvas shoes.
        if you have a solid body,
        a stylish cream tank would work.
        toms would be a good look.

        i would do a whole cream look.
        just make sure the pants don’t flare out at the bottom.
        are they straight leg?

        i associate “linen” with “summer” as its thin and breathable.
        boots would make it look awkward,
        but try them just in case.
        sneakers: definitely not.

      3. Thanks J! Very helpful! I’ll get right on it! and yes, they are straight leg! I would have preferred slim since slim works better for my body type but thats all they had. Yeah I got them specifically for the summer but i dont really have anything to wear them with! I like what you suggested with the cream look, I think that would be a good look.

        Unfortunately, I don’t think my body is “tank” ready. I could probably get away with it but I need some work lol.

        I havent heard of Tom’s until now! I like them! Thanks for the suggestions!

  7. You make me feel so lame lol

    All I wear is basketball shorts. Lol

    Of course I have to dress up for work but the clothes make me uncomfortable and I’m stripping down already when I hit the driveway. My neighbors should give me $1 bills lol

    1. “All I wear is basketball shorts. Lol”

      You probably be free ballin underneath too huh? LOL

    2. LOL Aww JAY! Yeah, we gotta help you find a sense of style that makes you feel comfortable too.

      But i guess it depends on your lifestyle too.

      If you ever need to hang out with a few buddies just get a nice button-up with a comfortable pair of jeans/chinos to keep it simple, and you will instantly look nice! Have a nice pair of shoes on hand too!

      Sometimes its more about versatility rather than quantity. You don’t need too much to be stylish when you need to be stylish! One or two good shirts/sweaters with a nice pair of pants and you’re set buddy!

      1. Mmm nice… okay, I see!

        I wish I had that problem! LOL People will want to see you naked if you wear the right clothes though! They go together JAY! 😉

  8. Thanks for shouting me out lol!!!! I moved from Chicago’s South Side to up north and realizes how people here took more consideration to what they wear. And I wouldn’t even consider where I am the most fashionable place in the world. Nothing looks thrown together.

    But it seems that I have to start with my shoes because every time it seems I like something, the shoes I have will throw it off.

    But H&M is a favorite of mine!!!! Norstrom Rack is good for cheap Levi’s despite its lake a variety.

    1. ^thats why you need to stand out with your style.
      all depending on your personality.
      sometimes its the things we wear that give others the confidence to dress well.
      you don’t know who is watching you.

      shoes are important.
      always make sure they are clean.
      you can tell a lot about someone by the way they take care of their shoes.
      leather needs to be polished.
      black leather needs to shine.
      white on sneakers need to be spotless.
      it can be a process,
      but the end result is always good.

      1. Shoe upkeep and lack thereof is a big problem for me. I doesn’t take that much to invest but I just get lazy at times.

        But my goal is to look presentable and calclauted, but not too flashy. You cannot be too flashy where I am.

      2. ^yes be careful.
        know your surroundings when you are dressing up.
        i’ll keep you in my prayers that you are protected.

        hope this helped you someone o!

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