Lay Some White Down For Us

tumblr_m6z9v1jOEy1ryibo3o1_500every fox/wolf/and hybrid should have 4 of the following in their closet.
well besides your “turn him out” toys…

dress-white-shirts-dress-shirts-for-women-photo-download-page-----fashion-ideas-and polo-ralph-lauren-white-crew-neck-tshirt-product-1-3406968-717796019_large_flexScreen Shot 2015-08-01 at 1.01.11 PM

you should have 4 white dress shirts,
4 white t shirts (2 v necks and 2 crew necks),
and 4 long sleeve t shirts.
white shirts of any design go with any complexion.
they can give you a very clean look and go with damn near everything.
you can wear them casual or dress it up for something formal.
in the winter,
you can put a white t shirt under a sweater or denim shirt.
you can also do this:

Screen Shot 2015-08-01 at 1.10.18 PMthe possibilities are endless.
when you don’t feel like putting together something,
a white shirt an be your “go to” simple style.
like yesterday i wore:

Screen Shot 2015-08-01 at 1.13.21 PM
the sleeves were rolled up,
two buttons un done,
and it was tucked in my pants.
i put on these chino shorts:

Screen Shot 2015-08-01 at 12.39.53 PMalong with brown belt,
various colored bracelets,
and brown sun glasses.
go invest in some white t shirts for your fox or wolf swagg.
my whole outfit came from h&m.

white dress shirt: 39.95
chino shorts: 19.99

and glasses sold separately.

f-yi: the problem with white is it gets dirty quick.
1 or 2 good wears.
you wash it and it starts to lose its luster.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “Lay Some White Down For Us”

  1. Agreed. Even though I tend to stay away from white because I know I’ll get dirty lol

    My room is a mess with clothes. I still have Ed hardy shirts in a pile somewhere lol

    I want to take the majority of my clothes to a homeless shelter and work on buying basics and coming up a more cohesive wardrobe.

    1. ^ed hardy?
      yeah its times for you to go through your closet and dump some things.
      maybe you need to do basic colors and keep an understated look?

      white, navy blue, and black dress shirts
      grey, dark blue, and khaki dress pants
      brown and black belt
      funky colored socks
      black dress shorts
      brown oxford shoes
      brown and black loafers

      then keep your basketball shorts and pair them with white t shirts
      make sure they all fit your body.
      no baggy.
      no hanging off your ass.
      if you feelin’ funky:

      white v neck
      denim jeans
      plaid shirt around waist
      brand name kicks

      1. Exactly!

        I’m all about the fit. I have big chest so if I wear a shirt that fits just right I might be able to get my car note paid lol

        I wore this salmon colored polo that fit like a glove yesterday just to run into another location of the job I work for and I’m pretty sure I got eye fucked lol

        2 points for the darkies in bright colored shirts lol

      2. ^thats what i’m talking about!
        a big chest can stand out in a fitted shirt.
        that brings attention to your frame.

        and kudos realizing dark skin pops in bright colors.

        light blues.

        those colors add a nice glow to dark skin.

    2. Me to JAY! My room stays messy with piles of clothes at times because I’m either too busy or lazy to deal with them lol

  2. Uniqlo has good tees surprisingly. They bounce back from laundering. Plus if you hang dry them you can reshape them when they get ironed.

  3. Who has the best quality white t-shirts and button downs? Gap used to back in the day but their quality has really gone downhill.

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