Grab Your Meat (How Does It Feel?)


i have been thinking about something for a while.
it was ( x a past entry ) and the comments that did it.
i saw all the foxhole come together to speak against this.
so for 2016

i’m going to stop calling anyone a “queen”.
i feel that it emasculates us as men.
it allows the straights to call us that when trying to disrespect,
even if we are masculine.
its bad when some find out some masculine fox,
and the first thing they say is:

“oh he is a girl…”

tumblr_n4jaylGBVm1r2ad2vo1_400i’m not subscribing to that anymore.
so i don’t care how feminine you are,
or if you spread you cheeks and take pipe,
you are still a MAN.
when you tell me you changing you name to “sarafina johnson”,
you started taking estrogen,
and you are currently looking for heels in your size,
then i will address you as girl.
hell “woman” or even “sweet lady”.

if you still have meat and balls,
you are still a man or boy.

and if you address me as “girl” in any way,
and i told you specially don’t call me that,
then i will personally make it an effort to ignore your life.
i don’t think you want to be on that side of me.
it can get very cold.
blade_animation__snow_storm_by_mqsdwz35-d4a9bsryou don’t want that.


low-key: i mean if i’m wrong,
please correct me.

deviant gif by: MQSdwz35

24 thoughts on “Grab Your Meat (How Does It Feel?)

  1. Y’all some sensitive non nut busting ass hoes, oh fragile ass bitches. LOL

    I don’t care what you call your ass as long as that pussy-bussy is phat, clean, and I can fuck it.

    I don’t care what you call your penis as long as that cock is thick, clean, mean, and I can suck it.

    Big and tall muscle bound, deep voice, strong neck, thick trap muscle neck ass dudes like to be fucked like bitches, “Make me your bitch! Fuck this pussy nigga!”

    Not too many things are hotter than fucking a man like bitch–especially in front of his partner while he’s gagging on dick or pussy.

    Y’all mean to tell me you gonna stop thrusting your dick deep inside a man’s tight ass because he demands that you fuck has ass like a pussy and him your bitch??

    Learn to be more comfortable with yourself and inside your own body enough so when requested you can fuck somebody until they cum.

  2. BRAVO for you Jamari. It took me a while too, when I was much, much, much younger (I am 51), to get that in my head. My friends and I were notorious for dropping “gurl” or “queen” through high school and a bit beyond.

    I have to be honest I slip up every blue moon with a hey “gurl”. But that has not been as frequent as the use of another word I have to be careful about. HEY DIVA!!!! The field I work in, children’s services (DCFS) most of my clients now, and hopefully all at my request, are LGBTQ, so I am not one to correct them, but I do get caught up and if they ask me why I apologized I tell them and it turns into a teaching moment.

    Anyway, I love having discussions like this. There are soooooo many points of view, a lot that I don’t agree with, but that is what makes us LGBTQ Americans.

  3. It irritates when some of my gay friends use that language with me. I’m like I’m not a girl so please don’t call me that.

  4. I have a problem with the word & don’t like to be referred to as such. I had to correct a few female friends that hang around gay guys and they throw girl back & forth at each other.

    She’d be like “Girl,” & Id stop her & correct her…I’m not a girl or woman, so don’t go there. Consequently, I correct dudes when they call me nigga as well.

    Other words that are annoying are bussy & boi pussy….Im like it’s an ass…and everyone has one. Ass & Pussy are two different things..I’d rather hear boy booty, man ass or even Lil Debbie’s before Boi pussy and mangina..😒😄

    I guess trannies have Mussies now..

    I understand it’s consider “lingo” but man, is it silly.😂

  5. I don’t get that offended (I find it kinda funny), but understand how it can offend others. I don’t use the term much except for some phrase, but I still have cut it out. There needs to be some form of respect among each other.

  6. I agree, it’s really childish IMO to use that in a derogatory way, it will be a good habit to break. Sometimes it can be comical in an entry, but it’s generally counter-productive anyway. Kinda like the “nigga” thing but no where near as serious or offensive, but the idea is the same.
    Like i said in that post, it actually makes the user look really messy, and they end up looking more like the “queen” they are trying to call out.

    As for me, I’m a man, and will not be called anything but, even sexually. If you want a pussy, I don’t know why you’re having sex with me then, because i don’t have one! LOL! Idk if I’d kick him out of bed for it, but I’d let him know: “never again.” lol

      1. well i’m not going to turn the house upside down over a word, especially if he doesn’t know me that well lol! It’d be more like a warning lol. The next time it happens, then we’d be done. xD

  7. I agree with you Jamari. I don’t like when a man is called a queen or a girl, especially if they like a particular way of having sex. A man is a man, gay or straight, masculine or feminine!!

  8. I do not think I have ever called a man a “girl.” I’ve called a couple of guys butch queens, but it been on a rare occasion tho.

    Yea, the language in that foxmail last week was a lot, and as I said before, it seemed very personal.

  9. My friends and I don’t use it to address each other, there’s no reasoning behind it we just don’t. None of my female friends refer to me in that way so I never had to think about it. It doesn’t bother me when I hear other gay men refer to each other in that way because as Y Colette said above I never though of it to be my place to tell someone what they want to answer to.

    I understand where you’re coming from Jamari with the whole “Straights will use it to disrespect us” thing, but if a straight person is going to disrespect us they’re going to do it with or without that word either way.

  10. I’m all for it, it’d help break some stereotypes. I don’t think it’s going to be very successful though. There’s some people that gladly identify as queens.

  11. As I female I cringe when I hear men call other men female pronouns.The exception is when they are drag queens dressed as a female.I am reluctant to say anything because it would be like a white person telling a black guy not to call his “homie” ,his “nigga”.It’s not my business to tell gay men how to address each other.

    1. Me too! I hate when people refer to me as a girl even tho I know they meant well, but still I’m not a woman. However I will admit one time in my life when I met this very ugly machismo Venezuelan papi got me wet when he called me mami in his deep voice when he would call me up to tell me he miss me or during sex. He was ugly, but very confident with himself plus having a big dick helped too.

      1. Mmmm yea because it’s dominating and sexy, I mean I consider myself in between masculine and feminine but I’m a fox that likes to be told what to do in bed by a strong, masculine wolf who gonna control me in bed. Shit missionary is even my favorite position.

        This might sound kinda colorist, but if a dark chocolate papi was to call my tail a “pussy” it would turn me on, but coming from a medium o lighter skin dude will sound silly to me. And it’s vice versa with the word “mami” it just sound sexier coming from a medium/lighter skin papi.

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