Put It All Over My Face and Lips

QHZKj9Ri was so tired today.
well the whole weekend actually.
i felt like my body was catching up on all the sleep for the last month.
bad enough,
i also had a headache.
i took a benadryl and gave the world a peace sign.
when i woke up,
i decided to do some beauty work.
i usually do damage control on a sunday.
i know.
gay as hell,
but a fox likes to look his best.
whenever i return back to work,
i’m always asked what i did over the weekend.
my skin be on straight “glow” mode.
so i did 2 things

i did a banana mask and a lip scrub.
i know.
gay as hell.

tumblr_mb7575tZz71qmfh3wbananas are good inside you,
but also great on your grill.
who knew?
i did some research and made a little contraption in my kitchen.

1/2 banana = helps with wrinkles
tbsp of honey = helps take away pimples
tbsp of lemon juice = fades dark spots and discoloration

Method: Take a ripe banana and mash it with a spoon or a fork in a bowl till it forms a smooth lump free pulp. Add 1 tsp. of honey and 1 tsp. of lemon juice and mix the ingredients thoroughly. Wash your face with a mild soap and use a soft towel to pat it dry. Rub the mask into your face, using your clean fingers. If needed apply a second coat to make the ingredients penetrate deep into skin pores. Wait for 10-15 minutes and wash your face with lukewarm water without using any soap this time. You will cheer up seeing your glowing face. Voila!

i didn’t know bananas had so much to offer besides being put on your face.
to learn more about the other amazing health benefits of bananas:


…so after i removed it,
i saw that my skin was brighter and felt much smoother.
i’ll definitely be doing that every week.

as for my lips,
i took:

palmers cocoa butter
coconut oil

…and smeared it all over my lips.
i left it on there for 20 minutes.
as soon as i was done,
i wet a washcloth and wiped it off.
the results were my lips being smoother and softer.

tumblr_mb75hkbSX81qmfh3wi took out my clothes for tomorrow:

white dress shirt
red sweater

black pants
black shoes
black belt

…and packed my bag.
all in all,
it was a pretty quite evening.
i’m still tired tho.
thank god this is a short week.

BTW: try all these regiments at your own risk.
if you are allergic to any of the items i listed,
please do not try it or consult a doctor first.
jamari fox is not responsible.
got it?

14 thoughts on “Put It All Over My Face and Lips

  1. I stocked up on Ambi products after searching every store in my area. I see the Foaming Cleanser has Salicyclic Acid in it so hopefully it does the job. I certainly like the way my skin feels since I started it yesterday.
    I was using some stuff the dermatologist suggested for my mom and it wasn’t doing it at all smh.
    I might try Noxema next.

  2. Just a 4 year lurker here……
    I like to use this Aztec clay. It is cheap and works well!
    I mix it with organic apple cider vinegar. It tingles, but thats how you know it is working. It will tighten to clean your pores, firm your skin, and remove toxins from your body.
    Just wash it off after 15 to 20 mins. Use on face or entire body.


    I swear my African Black Soap, if you are any individual with any tan pigmentation. It’s the golden key to remove blemishes and scars efficiently without having to bleach your skin or wait forever. Its all natural and affordable too. My only thing is its too harsh on my face, so if i do try it on my face I wash it off very quickly. Buy it in bulk on Amazon!

    I even mix black soap powder and sandalwood powder together with rose water or coconut oil and that really evens my skin tone. One of the best.


    The black soap powder is from the same company.

    Don’t forget milk and honey bath like the Egyptians! That will make your skin smooth like butter
    also castor oil and aloe butter.

    Sorry, I know a lot. Thought I would share, trying to body build so having good skin is essential.

  3. More of this please!

    I definitely need a new daily skincare regimen. I’ve been using Ambi products but they seem to be getting harder to find smh.

  4. I can’t judge you because every Sunday is my “Spa day” I like to use the coffee ground to exfoliate, it makes the skin popping and soft as hell with a little bit of hair conditioner o coconut oil mix with it.

  5. I use coconut oil over my whole body after every shower. Been doing it for a year or two. It’s been great for me. Gonna borrow that lip scrub. Been needing that.

  6. I used to do these things a while back but I’ve gotten lazy with it! Maybe I’ll get back on the bandwagon because I have a chronic dryness skin condition. Not fun, especially since it’s freezing this time of year! I’ll give the banana and honey mixture a try! Sounds like it would be a good one for me!

  7. No judgements here I do hair and face mask all of the time, nothing like a little diy beauty at home. You should pick up some bentonite clay it’s has so many uses for the skin, really good for acne.

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