…and Andra Day For The Win.


…oh and check ^this album out.
andra day.
“cheers to the fall”.
i discovered her on accident while with work wolf the other day.
we were in some store and i’m hearing this beautiful song.
i had to pull “shazam” out.
the song was “goodbye, goodnight“.

i had her album downloaded on apple music by the time we left.
i’m all about her music right now.

x listen to more from andra day

Author: jamari fox

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4 thoughts on “…and Andra Day For The Win.”

  1. That song is bliss. I can vibe when thinking about an ex that keeps popping back into my life everytime I find something good. I fell for it again and again. I pull back on one love interest and return to the ex only for the ex to play a few games and then nothing becomes of it. Then Im left searching again.

  2. She’s nominated for her first grammy for the catchy “Rise Up” love her voice. She should’ve been nom. for Best New Artist. Stevie Wonder has another great discovery

  3. For the past few weeks her music has been popping up when I play the radio feature on Apple Music, she has a great voice I just haven’t heared that one song to really grab me.

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