The Haitian Wolf Who Still Thinks He Is Royal


lawd ham…
here is an update on that “royal” ( x haitian meat ).
it seems he took off in popularity real quick…

i’m glad he is my last view before i go to bed.
i wanted him to be yours as well.
well look…
i’m just going to ask the foxhole

Doesn’t he give “good pipe/couple rounds”?

tumblr_mb75dcY08p1qmfh3whe has that look of:


…or is it just me?
can one of my thot vixens go get us a DR?

much appreciated.

pictures credited: Marvin Bienaime

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “The Haitian Wolf Who Still Thinks He Is Royal”

  1. This dude will go on my list of another beautiful Black Brother in the foxhole, I think we need to do a Top Ten list of the best of the Foxhole since the beginning, of course that will be no easy task due to us having featured some of the best looking men on the planet in here, but he is a standout. Between him, Quinton Barnard and Travis Cure I am going to be diabetic with all this chocolate.

  2. A lot of these fine fit men be on the dl for example there one sexy black fitness trainer who say he is str8 and I’m not tell who he is. He is following the gay porn Francois sagat on ig and liking pics of Francois sagat in jockstrap.

    1. Wouldnt surprise me. These men like all types of shit under the sun. That is why I am cautious of dating a person who is too obsessed with that shit. Anyway, Ive got my bae and he may not have the body of an adonis but he is smart, lovely, generous and actually wants to be with a black man. Some of those dudes be some of the biggest self haters out there but they can manipulate to get what they want, thus hiding it. I feel that some men have too many options and when they feel they have options they will disregard anything that may be of great aid to them. I look at this mentality as toxic. However, they must do them and I must certainly do me.

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