The Haitian Wolf Who Thinks He Is Royal

Screen Shot 2015-11-23 at 9.53.53 PMoh my lord have mercy in heavenly christ…
do you see all of ^that foxhole?
i can’t feel my face when i’m with you…
so everyone meet royal g

he is 6’2 and pure haitian meat:

tumblr_mb75nqOTMy1qmfh3wi just came…
is he sexy AF or is he not sexy AF?
he looks like he will fuck you into another dimension.
i’ll allow it.
i’ll allow him.

pictures credited: bienaime agency

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

20 thoughts on “The Haitian Wolf Who Thinks He Is Royal”

  1. OMG you think if I write to Santa he’ll send me him with a shiny red bow on top. I think I’ve been a good fox this year.

  2. Wouldn’t be superised if he got down. I can’t explain it, but he has that look in his eyes…

    It’s that deep stare guys have at the gym when they checking you out.

    1. I see what you mean James. I think it’s his mannerisms too. The way he communicates, It sort of reminds me of myself maybe that’s what I’m picking up…..BUT I agree.The brotha is ” Fine as Fuck!”He has the body I’m going to strive for and so far I like how he comes off. Oh and those lips😋

  3. How can u tell that he might get down? I think the gift of gaydar skipped right over me lol. But he is sexy! Yes yes yes

  4. I was just getting ready to say who is this and then I recognize that I have seen a few of his pics and actually thought they were different people. Damn just when you think some dude you see like Quinton Barnard and Travis Cure my latest crushes cant be topped and then BAM this dudes comes along. I am doing my Holy Ghost dance right about now. Pure Perfection. My Soul Says Yes!

  5. I went on a hiatus from Dominican men cause I wanted to try something new, so I met that Haitian wolf who gave me an interesting night of my life. We were fucking at a bathhouse where it was filled with mostly fat older white guys who were fucking more skinnier, younger-looking snow twinkies (probably trades or side pieces). The Haitian papi and I were the only black men there, so eyes were definitely staring, but he didn’t give a fuck tho.

    Baby he started to finger me as soon we got into the jacuzzi and I was playing with his dick. It was BIG, dark and had a foreskin. I smell his dick before I place it in my mouth because guys with foreskin I like to place my tongue on his head and let the skin cover my tongue then lick around to massage his head and foreskin at the same time. And you be surprise how crazy men act when you just suck on their head.

    The jacuzzi had this marble seat in the water, so he told to turn around and knee on it so he could eat my ass. I noticed these two couples in a foursome, but one bottom was getting fucked while the bottom was fisting the two other guys at the other side of the room. It was interesting. But then I felt his hand on my back and he shoved his dick in me. It hurt like a muthafucka, but felt good too. Chile he liked it rough and hard. He would slap my hole with his dick then tell me to open it up and I felt his spit sliding in me then he shove his dick right in. This man climb on my back and was breathing all hard next to my ear while I was feeling his balls slapping my ass. Then we changed position, he was sitting on the marble seat and I was sitting on him. I was riding him but he was thrusting in me. Grabbing my neck and all, but then he shout he was gonna cum so he move my ass off and removed the condom then to cum on the surface of my hole and some in the water. He rubbed his dick against my hole with his cum and he was about to shove it in and use his cum as lube, but I told him no, no, no. We don’t know each other that long enough.

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