Yusaf Mack Is Ready To Date Something We Didn’t See Cummin’

Screen Shot 2015-11-24 at 8.35.00 PMwell yusaf mack had another interview.
i know.
well yes again!
i need the fuckery overload.
this time he sat down with hip hollywood.
he talked about who was his inspiration to come out,
what his oldest daughter thinks of him now,
and who he is looking to date in the future.
check this video

caitlyn jenner?

giphywhy do i feel like…
he is being told to say this?
he seems all over the place.
i hope his team can provide him with heavy media training.
hell is he gonna need it tho?
i feel his 15 minutes might be up shortly.

lowkey: thanks to the vix-bi for the lead.
now is he trying to get on caitlyn reality show with that drop?
they trying to get him as circulated as they can.
i can’t say his team isn’t persistent.
has anyone seen his latest pictures on ig?
this is his therapist:

Screen Shot 2015-11-24 at 8.56.23 PM Screen Shot 2015-11-24 at 8.56.29 PMoh and he wanted to defend his managing hair stylist:

Screen Shot 2015-11-24 at 8.58.29 PM Screen Shot 2015-11-24 at 8.58.50 PMoh.
oh ok.

video taken: hip hollywood

24 thoughts on “Yusaf Mack Is Ready To Date Something We Didn’t See Cummin’

  1. Did this fool just say he don’t like nobody muscle like hiM,,,, But he had two muscle dicks in his mouth and up his ass in his porn??? Lmao 😭😭😭😭😘😘😘😘 I can’t with this clown !!!!


  3. he looks good in the first picture he needs to fix his teeth and he is just a sexual being….i think anything legal turns him on….he just likes to feel good..I can see him between a tranny and gay bodybuilder type…call it a mack sandwich

  4. HA..he like trannies…he don’t like nobody with muscles like me…..yea RIGHT.. when he was taking that dick in that porn movie he seemed to like muscles just fine to me! Hope he does not over do his fame and burn like that other football sports personality who crashed before he even started!

  5. His photo needs to be next to the word Pineapple in the Dictionary…he needs to learn you don’t say whatever is on your mind to the press because it will be around forever. No one needs to know he likes people who are Transgender but him. And can his entourage not find him a dentist in LA?

  6. Omg this sh*t was hard to watch. He publicly came out saying he likes “trannies” when the transgendered community hate being called that term because they deem it as derogatory Lmaooooo…. Where tf is his publicist at?

  7. In another video he says he just finished doing another sex video with two women” a lesbian and a regular girl”.He is all over the place.He is bisexual,then he is gay .Now he likes “trannies” and just did a porn video with two women.What’s next ,midgets ?

  8. I feel like this is rehearse and dumb as hell. But then again are we really that surprised tho? I mean obviously he will do anything and anyone for some coins. No shade.

  9. Caitlyn desperate ass could get a boost in ratings since that show did terrible for the first season. This would make a great story line for the show and with the ratchet from Yusaf and Caitlyn family, it would most likely be TV gold. It would shed a new light on the gay/bisexual lifestyle. His people need to be reaching out to Cait for this. Her show is in the tanks and most likely it only got a green light for the second season because Cait is probably funding it or it is something that will happen next season that will blow people away.

    I can’t be mad at Yusaf and its funny how quick the gays gave this man a place to stay. I can only imagine what he has to do in order to keep a roof over his head and some money in his pocket.

    1. Shit, a few weeks ago he posted a pic on the gram talking bout some young dude maybe 18 or 19 buying him an outfit. I believe it was a boxing fan. Yusaf should be the one buying, not the kid. SMH

    2. Caitlyn is in New Orleans right now filming the second season.I just saw a pic of her and Kris Jenner.She doesn’t need him ,she has her ex Kris Jenner.They can be the new Thelma and Louis or Gayle or Oprah on a road trip

  10. I agree with you Jamari it does seem like he is being told what to say, but can he please get that tooth fixed before he does another video.

  11. hes really holding onto those few mins of fame he has left lol his outfit in the first pic looks really good on him.

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