Lil Boosie Ain’t For The Gays

Screen Shot 2015-11-24 at 9.03.51 PMi almost let out a heavy:


…until i realized he had me spelling “independent” in the club.
well he was featured on that track.
his whole career seems like a feature.

either way,
he can still get that “who?”.
so lil boosie had a rant on his ig about the gays.
everywhere he turns,
he says is seeing gay shit this and gay shit that.
this is what he had to say via the shade room

12278907_1864130707164652_4955908886750246965_ngiphyi hope ya’ll didn’t let that jailbird get you riled up.
oh ok.
he talk to me when he gets this situation together:

this gets a:


i really want the gays to look at the sources before they get upset.

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39 thoughts on “Lil Boosie Ain’t For The Gays”

  1. I’M a Boosie fan and I think everyone has their opinion on what suppose to be and what is not he going by the Bible because that is a sin in God’s book but I don’t judge people because we all have sins we have to count for but I don’t believe in that either so we all have our opinions and that is what makes us different but I don’t judge or hate people cause they different . God is Our judge

  2. Okay, so Torrance Hatch needs to have several seats along with his dumbass friends Kevin Gates and Webster Gabney Jr. They are embarrasing themselves and Baton Rouge at large. No one, and I mean NO ONE can take Baton Rouge seriously when it comes to hip-hop. It’s sad!

  3. *yawns* I can’t take a grown ass man named Boosie seriously…in other news Creed is earning great reviews

  4. I could respect his opinion if he wasn’t trying to be selective on where he applied his sense of morality. My problem is more so that TV is becoming borderline softcore porn. I love to get a little hot and bothered but it’s becoming to distracting from the plot.

  5. Gay shit on TV is nothing new Boos. Our generation grew up in a time where the Real World always had a gay man on it. Not to mention RuPaul and other cross-dressing flamboyant men like Dennis Rodman. He mentions a cartoon having gay shit on it but doesn’t say what it was. It was probably Family Guy or something like it. He’s exaggerating how much gay shit is on TV because he just so happened to tune in to shows where being gay is one of the central themes. That’s like turning to the logo channel and being upset at seeing a RuPaul’s Drag Race marathon. A gay channel wouldn’t be a bad idea if it didn’t go the stereotypical route of showing Golden Girls reruns all day.

    1. Logo tried but I don’t think it the theme really perform to their expectations. They might have to go the trashy (original) reality route to get the ratings and revenue to invest in better programming.

  6. As the saying goes, “he that protests too much…”
    I’m just saying. LOL
    AND he was in jail….come on, dude! Throw up the smokescreen all you want…his ass was probably getting sloppy top while in there. May not have fucked anyone in the ass…but he probably got some head. LOL

  7. @JAY well I will tell you a couple of things gay still have to “overcome”.Yes gay couples can get married in all fifty states and that is awesome.Yet the fact remains there are 27 states where LGBT can legally be fired simply because they are gay.If I am fired simply because I am black I have legal recourse.Those same sex couples who got married can’t adopt children in several states . I don’t have to be a member of the LGBT community to believe in equality for all people including LGBT people.Just like a person shouldn’t have to be black to understand the need for #blacklivesmatter movement.

    Regarding what children are exposed to I believe they are exposed to too much casual sex period .There are probably 20 straight sex acts for every 1 gay sex act yet the 1 gay sex act is the problem.Personally I am still waiting to see a gay sex scene on Empire because besides a couple of kisses it hasn’t happened.

    1. I guess you’re referring to that dumb HERO law that lost by a landslide. Gays didn’t even show up at the polls to support that. I’m sure you’re aware that there federal laws that protect you and you can go to any EEOC office to file a complaint. Yes, I know it takes longer.

      You heard about that gay couple that wants to sue a daycare because they believe their toddler is transgender and the worker didn’t call the child by the gender name they wanted to identify as that day?

      Gay rights advocate tried to convert me to the cause the other day and by the end of our debate he threw his hands up because my views are in stone.

      You’ve listed no significant civil liberties that are being denied. Certainly nothing comparative to the civil right or feminist movement.

      Sexuality has no place in the workplace period. Workplaces were sending out info about how employees could add same sex partners to their insurance as soon as it became legal and it should be left at that.

      Single people have a hard time adopting. They’re selective. That’s a good thing. I want them to be selective about who they let adopt.

      People ultimately vote where their interests lie. That’s a fact.

      1. Jay what exactly has this person surrendered on???

        Of course single and unmarried people might have a problem. These lawmakers can’t look too hypocritical blocking gay adoption or foster care. If you can find a statistic that orphaned children are better in the system than adopted with single, unmarried and gay couples, I’ll entertained it.

        You have every right to be discreet and what not, but that doesn’t mean employers won’t fire you for what you do outside the workplace.

        Would you say the same thing if black and womens rights were put on the ballot 50, 100, 200 years ago? It’s easy to praise something when it benefits your personal agenda.

        Ps. I find that people who cry “gay agenda” have their own anti-gay agenda. JMHO.

  8. He can have his opinion, just like there are plenty of people that agree with him, there are plenty of people that disagree with him. “we” ain’t going nowhere.

  9. First off…..he should be flattered if a gay was checking for him because I don’t any vixen is. He is ugggggleeee. I’m not bothered by this at all. I had to ask myself who is he and looking at him alone was like hmm ok.

  10. What he said isn’t completely off base, he just articulated it in his own, simplified way.

    There are plenty of people that agree with his views.

    When people are over these shows with gays in them, I can guarantee all of them will disappear as quickly as they came.

    1. “His own, simplified way” lol, how generous. It’s very simple, I’ll give him that.

      He’s concerned about his kids watching “gay shit” but then his youngest child is being encouraged to talk well…like whatever that was supposed to be. I don’t think he should be worrying about “gay shit”, he’s apparently got enough problems on his hands. Maybe he needs better priorities? (Yes)

      I agree with you on your last statement though, the media is eating this “gay shit” up atm, but once it gets tired, it’ll be back to the same old, same old (UNLESS the demand for gay representation becomes so important that it becomes the standard [kinda like blacks and the whole “token” aspect] then it might be here to stay, in which gay people would have to have a loud enough voice to make it sustainable).

      I take it with a grain of salt. Gayness is not being praised, its just the game of the media. People like this are always a reminder of this fact. Hm.

      1. I agree with your last paragraph. As blacks we should understand that just because there is high prevalence of a group in media and adaptation of ones culture, the does not mean that that group has overcome. But people like say to avoid empathy for others and set their own agenda.

      2. So he has to be the perfect parent and his child has to be perfect before he can choose to what he wants his kids exposed to?

        My mother and extended family cussed like sailors behind closed doors and I cussed when they weren’t around but if some of the stuff I see on tv now was on back then they’d turn the channel or tell me to go outside.

        I actually feel for parents these days. They used to only have to explain the birds and the bees at a preteen age. Now they have to try to explain the birds and the bees, bees & the bees, birds & birds, why Bruce Jenners deep voice, strong face ass is wearing women’s clothes to children at a even younger age.

        Then the parents that are way too permissive allowing their kids to wear girl costumes for Halloween and that Barbie commercial with that little boy.

        No one has ever explained to me me what gays need to “overcome”.

        Making people like you or understand you that never will or don’t even care to?

      3. I just thought of something. Why is Lil Boosie homophobic when his name rhyme with Bussy aka boy pussy, mmmhmmm.

        Aside from that, I just hope we get another Noah’s Arc and L.A. Complex-like serie before the gay shit runs out. I been itching to see gay black shows for 50,000 years already.

      4. @JAY I suppose not, and no one is a perfect parent, I’m not saying that, and I don’t have to explain that, because that’s already understood, but I will reiterate that if gay(shit) is the most of his concerns in this day and age, his priorities are definitely out of order.

        Look, he can hate the gays, think it’s unnatural blah blah blah, but at the end of the day, there’s worse out there than being gay, and that whole rhetoric has become tired at this point. Maybe some gay people think “gays run the world” and buy into all that bs, but anyone with a brain knows otherwise, so for him to be spewing the same tired old garbage, suggests to me that he’s spending more time than he ought to worrying about the “gays” having some sort of influence on his child who have been around forever (gay people), and should just worry about the influence HE has on his daughters life. There’s a lot of things and types of people I hate, but the traditional value of “tact” has seem to have gone out of the window with many people. His underlying message (one of them) was: “these gays think they run everything, and everyone loves them, and they’re pushing their agenda to make gayness seem “natural” as opposed to my opinion of it being the opposite”. My point is, no we don’t all think that way, and anyone with a brain is going to understand that not much has changed. He thinks we’re getting it twisted. Anyone with a brain isn’t. The media is though, and its the media pushing THEIR agenda.

        I don’t have some stupid agenda, I don’t associate or treat myself as part of some “gay community”, I act as an individual, so I dont care if he hates gays as whole, he can go right ahead, but just because he hates them, doesn’t mean that he should be talking.

        I can turn it right back at him and say how everywhere I turn, there’s another black idiot like him putting garbage on the radio, reinforcing negative stereotypes, and putting forth his own agenda of what it means to be a black man, and how I wish we could get rid of people like him blah blah blah. So who’s opinion is more valid? Neither, because they’re just opinions that clash. It’s no more right for me to say all that, than it is for him to say what he said. and quite honestly, both arguments are sad and tired. Both are here to stay so just stfu (not you, in general) and get used to it, and stop being babies about it.

        This just might be a cultural nuance because I know “the right to free speech” is a big thing in the U.S. but in my experience, the best balance is knowing when to share your opinions, and when to keep your mouth shut. Again, he can have his opinions, I don’t care how extreme it is but knowing who and where to share it is an important point in what I’m trying to say, I’m sure we will agree to disagree on that though. He doesn’t HAVE to, but she OUGHT to.

        To your other points, I don’t feel bad for parents for THOSE reasons, it’s not that hard to explain, and again, they have bigger worries on their hands. LOL @ Bruce Jenner, no comment on that.

        I don’t remember mentioning anything about gays “overcoming” anything or even suggesting that. That’s not my belief or concern. My parents never explained any such thing to me either, not that I was waiting for their explanations to influence or shape my opinions anyway…lol.

  11. This is a time when the gay community should reach out to Boosie and try to educate him about our culture. I can respect his opinion and value his courage for speaking his mind, instead of pretending to go along with the agenda to sell records. I have noticed a lot of people wanting to criticize and attack him and his daughter, instead of using this opportunity as a teachable moment. I will agree that the TV shows and media are getting a little out of hand with the gay sex and bullying of pushing our agenda onto others and if someone doesn’t agree or conform attack that person. Also, kids should be off limits and not targeted, but that is part of the plan since they are easily influenced.

    1. Nigga are you forreal?! TV is flooded with straight sex of all kind. Women’s bodies are used to sell everything. And that’s okay for kids but gay sex is not? If one has to go then both go. #selfhater

      P.S. I do agree the gay community needs to go after his ignant ass

      1. Immanuel,

        On this blog we do not we do not use derogatory words and if another member disagrees with someone, then we have an open dialogue to relate our opinions.

  12. I mean it’s Boosie. It’s to be expected. Anyone from the south knows he is (no brainier). Especially if you are from Louisiana. He’s from Baton Rouge which in the top 10 maybe 5 in the country for HIV/AIDS. No shade…

      1. Agreed.

        He was the talk of many peoples conversation when he was getting out, they treated and loved him like royalty.

  13. Ugly ass men always got something to say. Lil Boosie, 50 cent, Donald Trump and “I’ll say it, since you’ll won’t” are so bitter and I don’t understand why, but then again maybe because they are so ugly they stay mad all the time. Hello have anyone heard of plastic surgery before?

  14. He has to be one of the dumbest, ignorant, ugliest man walking the planet. Instead of taking the time and energy to worry about the gays I hope he is making sure his daughter knows the alphabet and her numbers instead of that mess she just recited.

    1. ^it kills me now people can be okay with wolves having all these random cubs,
      belittling women in music,
      and other dumb shit that makes no sense…

      …but a gays are the devil?
      im lost.

  15. Where is the exterminator? This planet has an infestation of ratchet fleas trying to have an opinion.

    No really, who?

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