royal g wants some of the gay community to stop harassing him

i need folks to understand social ques and boundaries.
some folks feel like they can be as bold as they want to be because someone is sexy.

Hate to see it

royal g,
one of the foxhole favs,
was pretty annoyed yesterday that he took the following to his ig stories

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royal g, behind the bed post, with no drawz on

royal g continues to be one of the sexiest of the foxhole favs.
there is something about his energy that drives me crazy.
he is the type that i’d be on my knees on sight.
i have no shame.
he posted these shots to his ig and well…

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royal g wants to make you as wet as he is

*the following is parental advisory.
viewer discretion is strongly advised

i’m just gonna font it:


it’s done.
i think he has a natural sex appeal.
this is based off his social media.
so as you know,
royal g has an “onlyfans” we’ve fonted about.
the tumblr foxhole already made gifs of one video and well…
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So Royal G Has Some Leakage For Sale?

so someone hit me up on ig with what i thought was an exclusive.

“i got royal g nudes…”

…but it was a pic of his tail in a modelling shot.
the tail was covered by a smiley face.
as you can see above,
we have seen royal g’s tail plenty of times.
they sent me a video of royal g,
with what looks his pipe,
but it was blocked off by a smiley face.
it looked like he got finished smashin’ someone and dropped his towel.
whoever wanted me to pay for the video.
not happening.
it wasn’t until i saw this
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I Hope Royal G Doesn’t Suffer From “Deadwood”

take that as you will…
speaking of foto 119,
and sexual chocolate,
i have been loving royal g on snapchat.
he is a foxhole fav.
he has a cool personality on there,
plus and not to mention all the random bawdy shots.
well royal g has been moving on up.
he is going to be in the new toni braxton video for “deadwood”.
it is directed by another foto 119 alum,
bille woodruff.
this is a quick bts
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A Royal Elite Ass (Royal G)

screen-shot-2016-09-26-at-6-36-00-ami woke up this morning to about 10+ emails about this.
i knew i had to post about it before i left the house.
so you know i love me some royal g.
he even shouted the foxhole out on his snapchat at one point.
well royal g posted a picture that has everyone dripping wet.
this is what has everyone wiping off their chairs
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