royal g wants to make you as wet as he is

*the following is parental advisory.
viewer discretion is strongly advised

i’m just gonna font it:


it’s done.
i think he has a natural sex appeal.
this is based off his social media.
so as you know,
royal g has an “onlyfans” we’ve fonted about.
the tumblr foxhole already made gifs of one video and well…

well excuse em moi.

he def out did ( x jus2flyy’s shower video ) on his onlyfans.
well okay royal g,
i see you.
x ( 13 photos and 4 videos ) tho?
i’ll need more content than that for 20.

lowkey: 30+ of photos/videos for 20?
he can take me and my money then.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

21 thoughts on “royal g wants to make you as wet as he is”

  1. On the 4th, he dropped the price to $10 for that day, but even it isn’t worth that much.

    But I’m here for the leaks. I don’t think whatever he is doing is gonna be worth much.

  2. I think what he’s doing is just enough. I don’t want hardcore porn from these Instagram Hotties, I want something a little risqué which helps to provide sexual fantasy. There are countless OnlyFans accounts out there who provide straight up ratchetness for your viewing pleasure, but I prefer it when guys like Royal G keeps it classy. He has to also consider current and future sponsors of products or modeling. Which means he needs to stay Rated M not Rated X 😉

  3. With Royal G, you will not get that much because of the exposure and also he is not hurting or hustling for money like some of the other attentionistos

    1. That’s what I said. She’s probably giving him money for the moment so he isn’t hurting for it now.

      These dudes aren’t making tons of money training because it’s hard work to get and keep clients so they find a white or foreign chick with some income to supplement what they make from photo shoots and promoting shit on instagram lol

      I’m just saying in general. I don’t know much Royal G in particular…

  4. Agreed…He could be another Chris Joyner on IG who was a Bama bred, fine mofo (I beg to say the sexiest bodies and country swag is Alabama) and ended up “moving” to Germany…As another note, Royale took down his “white, foreign” sponsor because he knows the Florida and national foxes and wolves ain’t having it…Oshea Da Model did the same thing with his “sponsor” Liz Gaspari and know he is trudging along in VA

  5. Royal G is my favorite of the eye candy that’s been posed on here. He just naturally good looking and sexy he doesn’t do the most , he’s not trying to start a rap career to just being foul mouth with with gays that follow him. As I stated before I was surprised he was doing a only fans account since he is one of the few male attentionitos with a thriving modeling career, but hey I guess a hustle is a hustle.

    I’ve been temped to try his onlyfans page because I am a fan of his, he has shouted out the foxhole, and he hasn’t been disrespectful to his gay male fan base BUT I can’t see myself paying 20 dollars a month for such little content and a video here or there of him soaping up his body (while still covering the piece) . There are other pages where the wolves are doing way more for way less and updating weekly. Hell for that Imight as well add 10 dollars more and buy an gay porn subscription (black gay porn studio of course)

    Good luck to him tho he’s still number one in my book

  6. People really be paying to see dudes stroke their dicks when it’s free dick on pornhub Twitter periscope and IG allday. Paying for dick I can’t touch i can’t do it.

  7. People really paying for this half ass mess… If there is no peen leakage BYE lol

    He shows his bare ass on IG all the time #NothingNew

  8. Exactly. You can get the same content for FREE by folks willingly who show and do more on sites like Tumblr and IG all day long…

    With that said, He is a nice chocolate looking guy no doubt but what is he giving that pornhub, gayforit, and/or xvideos isn’t for free and to be clear, there are softcore catergories on these sites that show men naked as well without penetration or sexual fluids flying at you like baseballs.

  9. I’ll say this, these men are not naive to their audiences. They know exactly who is watching, and it is always us, but I be damned if I am paying anything. I’ll just wait for the leaks as usual.

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