alexandra shipp has even more thoughts on why she should play “storm”

it does a celebrities a huge disservice when they talk too much.
lit often turns the gp off and labels them as “the big mouth”.
tiffany haddish,
i’m looking at you too.
there is nothing wrong with looking cute on the red carpet,
taking selfies of your avocado bagel,
and leaving all thoughts/opinions for the kitchen table.
alexandra shipp could stand to learn a thing or two.
she is still in her feels over everyone hating her as “storm”  in the x men.
she took to “glamour” to share more of her thoughts.
this is a quote of what she had to say…

“[I tweeted back] at people who criticized me for not having dark enough skin for my role in X-Men because we’re not going to have this conversation about a cartoon character. You’re not going to tell me that my skin color doesn’t match a Crayola from 1970. Growing up, when I was reading the comics, I pictured her looking like me. For any black girl, for there to be a black superhero, we picture them looking like us. So when I auditioned for the role, I wasn’t like, “Oh man, I’m not dark enough.” I was like, “Finally, this is my moment.” I’m not playing Harriet Tubman with a prosthetic nose and darkening my skin tone. I would never do that.”


WTF is she even talking about?

so she does realize storm was drawn a certain way,
we’re not talking about when she went outside to play with her friends before the street lights came on.
we didn’t use our imaginations of what the x-men looked like.
we’re talking about a character who looks like this:

and not this:


so what?
she imagined “aaliyah” looked like her too?
remember she “looked like her” to play her in a lifetime biopic:

who i blame aunt wendy for filth.
she should have known an entire legion of better.
so just like she wasn’t a good “aaliyah”,
alexandra simply isn’t a good “storm”.
she doesn’t look the part and her acting is mediocre at best.
her defending it doesn’t help because it adds to her un-likability.
her lane is much better suited for “tragedy girls” and “love, simon”.
who are her people?
they need to snatch that phone and tape her mouth closed.

lowkey: she also added this…

“I get pushback for things I say on social media, mostly on Twitter, but I hope to never censor the things that come out of my mouth. Male actors have always been able to be way more opinionated when it comes to politics. As actresses, we only get to do things like help the hungry children. Take Angelina Jolie. She’s political in her actions, but you don’t know her opinion on Trump. I think people should speak their truth. I don’t give a fuck. I’m me. I’m exactly who I want to be every single day. I know it might be my demise—I’ll check back in with you in a couple years and see how it’s working out—but I’m my own artist, and you can’t be a great artist without having a huge opinion.”

can someone tell this civilian to stand down,

article cc: glamour

23 thoughts on “alexandra shipp has even more thoughts on why she should play “storm”

  1. You all can be so mean sometimes! Here is a young black woman living out her dream of being one of the only black female superheroes. Now lets be honest if she didn’t claim she was black you all would have that to talk about as well. Do not pick and choose when someone is black enough or not. She is right! This is a cartoon character that many black girls regardless of shade have dreamed of being at one time or another. Do not be so rude and tasteless!

  2. Not to defend her foolishness, but the “wearing a prosthetic nose and darkening my skin tone” was an appropriate dig at Zoë Saldana when she played Nina Simone in the Simone biopic. The rest is indeed drivel.

  3. I would want to see Naturi Naughton from Power play Storm. And my issue with Alexandra isn’t her portrayal (especially since did have a mohawk when she joined the Morlocks and when she became Goddess of Thunder in earth 616) but the movie she played in was weak . Of course it’d also help if she were dark skinned but the issue is more with the director than her.

  4. I would love Teyana Taylor for storm! She just has to tone up those acting skills some more… she would be epic !

  5. First off, she’s not even a competent actress. I mean Halle Berry wasn’t right for the role either but considering how one dimensional Storm and every other X-Men character are presented in the movies besides Magneto, Professor X, and Mystique she was passable.

    Alexandria Shipp has to be banging somebody to get these roles.

    Hell, that actress that’s going to play Starfire in the upcoming Teen Titans television show looks like a perfect Storm as well.

    I’m so tired of seeing her, Zendaya, and Amandla I don’t know what to do.

    Seeing Nafessa Williams and China McClain on Black Lightning and Simone Missick on Luke Cage has been such a nice change of pace and breath of fresh air! All of them are killing their roles.

  6. I think she was referring to Zoe Saldana’s portrayal of Nina Simone when she mentioned the darkened skin and prosthetic nose. Either way, a huge fail.

  7. I love how she’s not addressing the fact that she looks nothing like that character and that Hollywood has no problem with giving a light skin actress this part because of sheer laziness and that it’s easier for most audiences to a lighter skin racially ambiguous actress to play storm and not question than to see a darker skin one play it.

  8. I’m glad everyone gets it! It’s not even just her complexion, ole girl just don’t look “strong” enough to play Storm, I need me a mahogany brown regal lookin women Stature & BODY to play Storm!!!!! And then dnt disrespect her character by 1. Barely having her use her powers (granted doing her powers justice prolly take up half the budget lol) and 2. Having her get her ass kicked by WEAK ass mutants, ugh the shit be pissing me off!!!!

    1. The closest we got to seeing anything of Storm’s power was X2, the tornado scene. They finally got it right…and then they never really showcased those abilities again. LOL

      It’s not X-Men movies…it’s the Magneto, Mystique, Wolverine and Professor X show. Everyone else is there for a quick intro and then they disappear into the background.

  9. Fun Fact: 😁 Singer Jill Scott once played the role as Storm. (well as in voice animation at least. I think any Live Action version of Storm should be based on Jill Scott’s version in this clip)

    The animation is obviously choppy but that was part of its appeal. This is from the old Black Panther Animated series which aired years ago as a webseries and even on BET (but don’t quote me on that).

    1. You’re so right bllackpegasus I remember seeing the animation years ago the theme song was and still is a bop, and Jill voiced storm beautifully.

  10. I’m team “Let Everybody Be Great,” but she always gives me a reason to not really care for her. I just find her very unlikable.

  11. I have an issue with the Harriet nose comment as Harriet’s wasn’t that wide. Storm has been a mess on screen because they don’t write for the character in the movies. She is treated like a side character. Never a storyline to follow or even a love interest. The original character in the comics has led the X-men many times but that smart capable character will never be put on screen. Sad.

      1. And you can see Bryan Singer’s love for Hugh Jackman. Every movie Bryan directed has him nude or damn near close to it.

        I wonder if he was like meet me in my trailer and I’m make you the centerpiece of the films. LOL

  12. Storm is dark skinned. I’m talking Angela Basset complexion. With Black Panther being put out months avo, I highly think it’s time dark skinned women are made prominent superheroes on the big screen. I haven’t seen Power Rangers in ages and it took forever to get a black Pink Ranger…but I was looking for a dark skinned Pink Ranger at that. Like when they casted the Yellow Ranger as the “tough black girls”. Lol

    1. ^i would have loved to see an unknown luptia be casted,
      but then we wouldn’t have seen her in he greatness that is “black panther”.

  13. Um, I’m just getting forget I read this mess. The role of Storm has been mishandled and miscast since the very first film with Halle Berry. Ms. Shipp needs to sit her boney racially ambiguous azz down somewhere and leave us fans alone! We want a tall DARK SKIN statuesque BLACK WOMAN with a passable African Accent to play the role of Storm! End of story, close the damn door! 😠

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