So Royal G Has Some Leakage For Sale?

so someone hit me up on ig with what i thought was an exclusive.

“i got royal g nudes…”

…but it was a pic of his tail in a modelling shot.
the tail was covered by a smiley face.
as you can see above,
we have seen royal g’s tail plenty of times.
they sent me a video of royal g,
with what looks his pipe,
but it was blocked off by a smiley face.
it looked like he got finished smashin’ someone and dropped his towel.
whoever wanted me to pay for the video.
not happening.
it wasn’t until i saw this

x royal g/onlyfans

they tried to hustle me for some “onlyfans” content.
i didn’t even know royal g had one of those.
i’m sure the pipe was purposely edited.
look i’m not paying for any drops being sent to me.
most of the foxhole sends me the good shit for free anyway.
if it’s real juicy,
it’ll pop up on tumblr.

lowkey: is everyone getting into the “onlyfans” business?
i see jus2flyy has one now too…

x jus2flyy/onlyfans

what are they doing on “onlyfans”?
jackin off?
showing pipe?
i hope they got some sex videos at least.
20/25 a month,
with 12 or 13 posts,
better be game changing shit.

26 thoughts on “So Royal G Has Some Leakage For Sale?

  1. Seth Holbrook is the worst!! Do not purchase…Ues Jamari..Please make a running list

  2. Whenever I read comments online that assumes a critical or self righteous stance against OnlyFans accounts it leads me to believe the person writing the comment is either broke, lack disposable income or simply don’t understand how the world works. I’ve never subscribed to an OnlyFans account but I do not besmirch those who do, nor do I attempt to SLUT- shame the InstaFamous models who host the accounts. Most of these guys are straight (by all appearances) and most of the people who follow them would never have a chance in hell of hooking up with them unless they had access to social capital or fame and fortune.

    Royal G has over 270,000 followers on Instagram – most of whom lust after his body and fantasize about sex with him. WHY would he give away the cookies and cream for free if he can convince just 1-2% percent of his 270,000 fans to sign up for NSFW content? Lets do the hypothetical math shall we? 1 percent of his 270,000 is just over 2,700 subscribers at $20-$25 per month! That’s over $55,000 in cash! Even if half of the subscribers canceled after one month that’s still thousands of dollars! Meanwhile, the broke self righteous queens who criticize and slut-shame these men for trying to grab the cash while its hot are the same queens who complain about drinks at the club and who never tip the dancers or bartenders.

    It’s not your money their after so you can kindly STFU.

    * drops mic *

    1. Heat and Hayden Monteleone….Justin DXXX because he is fucking on them…Jus2Flyy is hot

  3. I’m not ashamed to admit I pay for porn from time to time because I stay horny and sometimes tumblr and myvidster is just not enough. I’ve paid for a few onlyfans. I would suggest jayywhoo2, kellenmalakhi, xaddycorvinus, theboyinthepicture, and l0boiz. They usually around $12-15 and they stay posting consistent content sucking, fucking, jacking off everything. Now as far as call outs….Khalil wells, he would stay deleting the good gay content. Dwayne Mckell cuz even tho he does the best solos imo he think his shit worth way more than it is. And Justen ruff cuz his solos are weak and he barely posts him fucking. Just him showering and rolling blunts *yawn*.
    My thing is if u gonna do it DO it. Be a damn amateur pornstar. Most of these dudes already lazy and then put out lazy half ass content. Then got the nerve to charge as much as premium paysites. IG be having them so gassed.

  4. Got an inbox from fitnydon89 asking to join his premium live workout/sexy time for abiut 2 dollars…

      1. @Jamari… I don’t even know what that means but the guy was like it will be worth it… Guess its a work out/jack off session… I just replied with my credit card is having issues lmao

  5. I’m kinda surprised Royal has one, idk I didn’t think that was his thing but I guess it depends on what kind on content h shows. If it’s just side views of his butt or dick prints I don’t know how long he’ll be able to sustain that without it getting boring.

  6. I’m probably the only one on here that doesn’t have a big problem with the onlyfans/justforfans phemonenom. I feel like I shouldn’t knock anyone’s hustle, especially if there’s no risk of fluids being exchanged.

    That said, I only pay for accounts that have a lot of content. It shows that they post often and even if they don’t anymore you have enough material to hold you ever during that month. And no account is worth $20 a month. You can get some of these accounts for the price of a fast food combo.

  7. foxhole…

    can i get a list of all the attentionistos,
    gay or straight,
    with onlyfans?
    the good ones?
    call out the wack ones especially.

    we need to compose a list for those who might be interested.

  8. Hey…a buck for a Dick or Ass. Seems fine to me. They been doing this shit for a while nah.thanks to social media it’s all out. Good for them. Show that ass. People pay to see it so they get their coins.

    Have you seen our friend Marshall these days? All Nigga has to do now is stuff a dildo up that hole of his. He’s working HARD for his coins😁

    1. ^oh he is back to how he use to do this thing?
      sounds about right.

      i’d only pay if the content is AMAZING.
      i want to see your entire sex life.
      like i want a series of your sex sessions.
      i mostly get off to sex and voyeurism.
      anything less than that gets a dub.

  9. Too true but we as a society and some members of the Foxhole “support” these lifestyles through likes, DMs with promise of money and exchange of pics and services, and wanting the fantasy life.

    I been on both ends where these men are “gay for pay” but don’t want there homeboys or vixens to know how they make their money.

    Like on IG post, these attentionistos are doing the same as the vixens but on a bigger platform and more access.

    1. ^i cant even hate.
      if they giving it up for a fee,
      can we judge that hustle?
      i mean this is what we all secretly wanted…

      1. You know man I don’t have a problem with them doing either. Your Hustle, Your Business! My only problem is why do we shame the women whan they do it?

  10. These niggas are worst than these females. Literally every nigga on IG with muscles has on onlyfans acount. Most of these niggas dont wanna work so they see it as lucrative to show dick and ass for a monthly fee…what a world we live in..

    1. ^i feel like the kardashians sorta pushed folks into making sex tapes for exposure.
      it seems like “onlyfans” is about to become over saturated now like everything else…

      1. I completely agree. I was gonna get the slapmyfatty subscription on IG. Only to find out that you pay the $5 JUST to join but you have to pay add’l fees for the pics/collections. And, I dont know anybody that actually have the subscription bc nobody is reposting them. So, I can ask if its really worth it! lol I understand that the slapmyfatty person was hella frustrated and pissed with motherfuckers from other tumblr pages keep reporting their site and it kept getting deactivated. But, hell. I dont want to pay for shit that I was use to getting for free. lol

        In other news. I did have the Nat Turnher Onlyfans page for a month. And I have to say, he really caters to gay men with his ass play and shit. lmfao

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