Ima Need Drake’s (Alleged) BLACKFACE Card Revoked

i already knew about drake‘s alleged cub.
i know someone in passing that’s allegedly associated with him.
they told me when the potential scandal was on the stove.
you know,
it was cooking on a low heat.
i think they were waiting to see if the details would get back to them,
but i kept my mouth shut as i’d always do.
i saw folks whispering about it online after these pics were leaked…

…but i was told specific details that i didn’t see being said.
so i’m not shocked with pusha “tea”‘s revelation about it…

allegedly fonting with the foxhole,
of course.
 i am shocked about this alleged situation tho…


blackface WITH a jim crow shirt on.
i can’t.
the photographer behind the alleged photos,
david leyes,
had this to font on ig:

he needs to explain the story behind ^that and QUICK.
i doubt he’ll be cancelled over that tho.
even the alleged neglect over the cub is not a story.
the “champagne drinkers” (what’s his stan base name?) are white.

lowkey: if you know you’re pursuing a career in entertainment,
i’m confused as to why drake was allegedly this sloppy?

*photos credited to owners

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

4 thoughts on “Ima Need Drake’s (Alleged) BLACKFACE Card Revoked”

  1. Just when u thought ugly junkie sound cloud rappers were killing hip hop this beef just delivered. Push made a huge dent in Drake’s image and idk how he gonna handle all this. I think the baby situation is worse for his career because his female fan base will feel alienated. How u go parading around all these beautiful black woman just to knock up a white French planetary lmfao! It’s a gag and a half.

  2. It was explained earlier today on YouTube, back when he did the photoshoot it was to show how black face was depleted vs. the inner feeling of the black man, it was like the happy and sad face that is seen in theaters

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