Grab Your Meat (How Does It Feel?)


i have been thinking about something for a while.
it was ( x a past entry ) and the comments that did it.
i saw all the foxhole come together to speak against this.
so for 2016
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Girls Who Think They Are Boys But Really Are Still Girls

tumblr_inline_mperngpf7m1qz4rgpalmost every straight girl with a uterus claims she is like “a nigga”.
its always some loud mouth,
sorta aggressive,
has no friends girl who shouts this to the world.
its like almost all new yawk girls are way too aggressive for their own good.
let some shit go down tho,
and suddenly those girly emotions come oozing out.
no chill.
all in their feels.
i’m sure we have all met “the girl who thinks she is a wolf,
but is really still a girl” once or twice in our lives.
liar liar thinks she is one of them…
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The Brawl, Know It All Brats, and Back Breakin

even tho i am sick as a dog right now,
i could not wait to get into my programs last night.
well (some spoilers)….

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I Love Girls

tumblr_mzrj9vlE4p1rp9g0ro1_500i’m so glad “girls” has come back for another season.
i have mentioned how much i liked the show before.
it stars lena dunaham as a “girl”,
and her friends (played by allison williams, jemima kirke, and zosia mame),
who are all trying to get their shit together while living in new york.
oh how i relate.
it’s typical shit,
but i like they aren’t super models and just real looking “girls”.
i won’t lie,
the second season was so fuckin weird that it left me confused.
get out of your feelings and write a decent script chick!

well i guess she was listening because this third season has started off pretty good.
back to being how it was like the first season i got hooked…
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Girls, Girls, Girls (Girls I Do Adore?)

tumblr_lwo4z9MOFj1r2duhvo1_500i have a question.
this isn’t in particular to anyone,
nor meant to be insulting,
but i had to ask

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Old Dog; Good Dick.

i found myself just now catch up on this show called girls.

it comes on hbo and it is pretty good.
last nights episode was so true to life for me.
you ever watched something and it reflected something you went through?
who knew lena dunham would write an episode that would have me locked in…

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