Your Lusty Loins Meet The Black Wolves In Swim Trunks (Sister Circle)

nothing better than a wolf at the pool,

or water park.
not only do they show us what they been working on all winter,
but their swim trunks can be pretty damn fashionable.

um hey chidi…
so talk show,
sister circle,
got my whole attention today.
i didn’t even know that was still a thing.
they had a segment about 2018 men’s swim trunks.

so i will say i liked the green shorts travis was wearing.
i need to check out that insta-dry situation.
i don’t know how those hosts got through that.
i would have melted all over my damn chair.
i watched it today and work and nearly exploded.
the wolves in the order they appeared:

  1. rashad or rashard
  2. carlton
  3. marquess
  4. travis cure
  5. ike

can we get some social medias and leakage?

please and thank you.

lowkey: you can find most of them ( x here )
i’m starting to see wolves like this in new yawk now.
i’d like one who has negative test results to come fuck me stupid.
please and thank you.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “Your Lusty Loins Meet The Black Wolves In Swim Trunks (Sister Circle)”

  1. Rashard: _kurrupted_

    Carlton: iamcarltond

    Travis: travis.cure

    Marquis: theedgeprofile

    Modeling agency: radarmen

    Bama! Bama! Bama!

  2. How they got through it? That paycheck. If I was getting a apaycheck like them I’d keep my composure like Virgin Mary too. When the camera was on that is….🙃

  3. Damn that dude made them trunks look so sexy. Swimwear doesn’t give me that kind of reaction but there’s a first for everything lol

  4. Same facial hair, same poses, same over worked muscle groups… These wolves really make it hard for us to tell them apart.

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