Jesse Williams Wallet Is Getting A Good Pounding Every Month

“stick you for yo cream and yo papa.
zsa zsa gabor,
demi moore,
prince diana,
and all them rich bitches…” – a prophetess.

there are a few vixens i truly admire after getting hurt.
juanita jordan,
conchita aka vanessa bryant,
and now i’ll add aryn drake lee to the list.
straight males love to talk so much shit about the gays,
but we don’t have to deal with that child support nonsense.
it’s usually by choice.
gays shouldn’t get to hype because spousal support is universal.
there is an old saying:

“It’s cheaper to keep her”

divorces can cost a male a pretty penny.
jesse williams is probably feeling that way right now.
as you know,
he allegedly was out here cheating on his ex wife,
aryn drake-lee.
check how much he has to pay her in child and spousal support via “tmz”

Jesse Williams’ divorce just got WAY more expensive, because a judge has just doubled his monthly nut.

Jesse has been ordered to pay $50,000 a month in child support to estranged wife Aryn Drake-Lee.  He had previously been ordered to pay over $50k a month in spousal … that was upped from $33k.

Jesse and Aryn have 2 kids, and the boom was inevitably going to be lowered on Jesse in the child support department. His lawyers had argued the $50,000 a month in spousal support should cover child support expenses, but that’s not the law. Courts separate child from spousal support.

According to court docs, Jesse pulls in $521,000 a month.

The support orders are temporary until the couple either reaches a final settlement or the court imposes a final order.

that’s a 100,000 a month.
she doesn’t even have to work again.
i really hope that alleged new pussy was worth it.
Lord knows his wallet is about to take a steady beating.

here is the thing,
folks fall out of love with each other.
it’s “love at first sight” and the next it’s “don’t even look at me”.
that is what can happen in long term relationships/marriages.
aryan did hold him down when he was a nobody.
she paid the bills when she was a real estate agent,
while he was off auditioning to be “bright lights; big city”.
well he made it,
as he got popular and the new pussy became plentiful,
his views may have changed on his vows with her.

Did he tell her that shit?

…or like a typical male,
he thought he could be fuckin everything moving on the low?
this is while forgetting he was very married.
i don’t know why/how they got to this point,
but this divorce seems very nasty tho.
i feel you aryan.
he played us with that snake oil he was selling at the ’16 bet awards.

you was looking at him like he was full of shit.
this may just be his karma and her blessings.
he better hope shonda rhimes keeps him working.
sidebar: i didn’t know he was pulling in that much money.

lowkey: jesse should have tried to work something out with her.
i mean,
separate bedrooms?

article cc: tmz

8 thoughts on “Jesse Williams Wallet Is Getting A Good Pounding Every Month

  1. I don’t have any empathy for cheaters and liars. Especially when your slutty behaviors embarrasses your significant other. Having said that, $100K per month is ridiculous but as the article states, it’s the LAW!

    This messy stuff is in the pipeline for married (and soon to be married) gay couples. Don’t think you’re gay husband is immune from cheating on you with some new hot guy at the office.

  2. When all else fails…date a younger hot fit body woman to show your ex a thing or two. Ah, masculinity.

  3. In other news… Have you seen his new girlfriend Taylor Rooks?
    She’s a news anchor. I’m not sure if you’ve covered her already but that sister is gorgeous with a banging body.

    1. @96 King

      I googled Taylor Rooks and she’s a sports journalist. And based on the tons of photos in google images she also a thot. She’s no doubt gorgeous but the abundance of ComeFukMe photos online makes it clear she’s a social climber. Her relationship with Jesse is not one based on mutual interests. But whatever, Jesse will eventually tire of her too lol

      1. @bllackpegasus

        I am not denying any of that lol, but don’t you think thats how most of these “celeb” relationships are? She gets publicity off his name while he smashes the hot “thot” sports reporter, even though she clearly has more to gain here. I do think some men like it this way because they like to call the shots when needed. Rather than them smashing a woman who is as equally yolked as them financially who won’t hesitate to put her foot down when warranted

        Theres clearly a lack of mutual interest but I think they both get their piece in this temporary situationship before it fizzles out

  4. She deserves it though🤷🏾‍♂️

    She was supporting the family before he made it and that’s not even 1/4 of his monthly income. Of course when he starts to earn less he can probably get it reduced.

    These pineapples want women to quit their jobs to take care of them and the kids and when they leave them they have no skills to get a decent job. This is assuming they even had a career to begin with.

    Both of my parents have always worked up to this very day. Wives have no business giving up thriving careers or not having one at all these days. It’s very possible to raise kids and work if both parents do their fair share.

  5. This goes to show you…”sometimes” gay men (single ones at that) have a lot to be thankful for. Not putting up with the marriage contract is one thing. Pay attention to the prefix in words and you can save your self a lot of trouble sometimes… “con” tract.

    Heterosexuals are always glorfying marriage and still cheat on each other and what not. At one point in my naive young life, I actually believed marriage was sacred and people found soulmates but after realising the trickery of religious teachings that spread over humanity like a disease, and after fusing with the intellect of the Universe myself, I know better now & steer clear of these superficial “entitlements” to life.

    I know of one straight guy (who I don’t see eye to eye with sometimes) do everything for his girl. She is looking flawless and he has rings around his eyes and looks like a walking corpse. He works full time and goes to school and still tries to please her and everyone keeps pushing them to get married. Meanwhile, I’m over there shaking my head at him. He’s a foolish man and I low key feel for him. If she ever left him…………..

    When someone tells me love will make you do some crazy things I always ask them are they referring to love or confusing it with desperation?

    I feel the same for women who put up with dudes bullcrap cuz they “love” them. I wish some of them just walk away and save themselves the mental and physical stress.

  6. good for her. i’m sure she wanted her marriage to work out but he clearly had other ideas. looks like nobody is safe from getting played smh.

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