Marvin Bienaime Shoots All Over His Naked Bawdy For IG

i need to have a career in “baby oil latherer”.
first of all,
can i just say i LOVE the foxhole?
here i am at work,
slaving over hot paperwork,
and bllackpegasus comes the fuck through for the foxhole!
so bllack lets me know marvin had this new ig live tv thing going.
i guess ig live tv is basically the “watch live” feature?
i’m guessing?
it was a bts of one of his model wolves getting their naked pictures taken.
bllack got an exclusive for review.

my loins are legit destroyed.

nothing is left.


anyone got a lead?

lowkey: huge shout out to bllackpegasus for this footage.
i like when ya’ll send me the exclusives when i’m not foxhole accessible.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “Marvin Bienaime Shoots All Over His Naked Bawdy For IG”

  1. He sorta reminds me of Arquez..(who is still dripping with sex appeal these days)

    Honestly, I think this guy is sexy. Heck, even someone as picky as me can admit to that. Anytime a man has me considering liking men again, I’d say he’s pretty darn hot.

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