When You Reached Your Wits End At Work (Peace Out To Them)

i said i wanted this to be my last job.
i wanted this to the last corporate “anything” i worked at.
God clearly had other plans for me.
so i’ve been at my wits end with my job.
it has gotten so bad foxhole.
my spirit has usually been at home,
while i bawdy has been at work.
i’m clearly on airplane mode there.

I got an interview tomorrow morning

it’s for another reception position,
but this pays a lot more money than what i’m getting now.
i had to rush and buy an “interview” fit today.
now i know this is going to be a stupid sentence ahead but…

I actually enjoy my current co workers

i have the ones i rock with #s,
but you know once you leave a job,
most of your co workers fall off.
i tend to meet new friends and associates where ever i go tho,
but i have an issue moving on when i’m comfortable.
in this case,
i’m uncomfortable,
but i like the folks i work with.
i hate having to learn a whole new corporate culture again,
but i CANNOT deal with my current corporate culture anymore.
i’m sure i’ll feel differently once i throw up the peace sign.

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7 thoughts on “When You Reached Your Wits End At Work (Peace Out To Them)”

  1. Honestly you come first in the situation, it sucks that jobs change for the negative but your well being & peace of mind honestly matter most.

    1. ^i agree rj.

      i haven’t been sleeping,
      i’m tired af all the time,
      and i dread going to work.
      it wasn’t even like that before.
      i was so happy.
      i pray this new position is a better start and offer.

  2. I hope you get the job, good luck. I know the feeling of hating to leave and go to another job and make new coworkers. I have been at my current job for awhile now and I feel the way you feel, I just can’t do it anymore my soul is drained. My problem that is holding me back is that, I have really bad anxiety and interviewing makes my anxiety go into overdrive, sweat be all on top of my head, so freaking embarrassing.

  3. When you are part of a marginalized group (Black and Gay) , it will be challenging on all fronts to find the right fit at work. Gay men feed on the emotional energy of others because we often feel we are being unfairly judged and critiqued more than others. Once I identified this self defeating behavior within myself I made the effort to cancel it! I told myself that the people at work are NOT my friends or family. They are my colleagues. Keeping these distinctions clear and omnipresent has helped me make it through when working with ambivalent characters in the workplace. Sure, this isn’t easy. Human beings are social creatures. We need and sometimes desire acceptance within the prevailing group. But it does not mean we have to be slaves to it.

    1. ^i absolutely agree with this comment.
      you hit the nail on the head and gave me even more charge to move tf on.
      if they want me,
      they can find me in another location.

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