Shut All That Screaming Up! We’re Trying To Watch A Movie In Here!

i nearly died.
i’m being dramatic,
but i could have if what happened earlier went left.
so i decided to take myself to lunch and a movie today.
i don’t do that enough.
i really wanted to see the new “jurassic park”,
so i got my ticket in advance.
fast forward to me in the theater now.
i’m a damn good seat,

…i’m hearing this faint voice in my right ear as the movie is playing.
a vixen.
in my head,
i’m like this imax quality sound is amazing.
it was at a scene when they were turning the power back on in the park.
i figured it may have been a voice on an intercom in the movie.
i see folks in the theater starting to get up from their seats.
at this point,
i’m already gripping my bag.
i’m thinking how fast it’s gonna take me to duck.

i didn’t know if it was an active shooter or what,
but i wasn’t going to stick around to find out.
one thing i noticed about the whites is they stick around in confusion.
some had no intentions of moving while all this shit was going on.
the movie was most important.
the snow wolf was sitting next to me gonna ask:

what’s going on?”

the fuck if i know.
i’m just as lost as he was
in front of me,
i hear this one older snow vixen:

“i paid good money for this movie and i’m going to watch it.”

carrying on a full fit.
all of a sudden,
this random snow vixen runs back in the theater and yells “FIRE”.
you can only imagine what happened next?
i’m trying to run the fuck up out my row,
but folks was dead moving slow.
i had to yell:

“CAN WE GO?!?”

that legit put some fire under their tails.
as soon as i exited the theater,
the fire was coming from their kitchen:

the staff didn’t even tell us.
we had to evacuate off the strength of fear.
when i got downstairs,
it was mass hysteria in the lobby.
everyone was vex.
we got a “you’re shit out of luck today, but come back next time” pass.

i got in an uber and left.
from the looks of it:


it was a wrap for that movie tonight.
i’m still a little shook tho.
with all the active shooters terrorizing the innocent ,
i legit thought i was going to be in some drama tonight.
i couldn’t tell what was happening since the theater was so loud.
it was legit scary.
thank God it wasn’t anything serious.

low-key: the job interview went perfect.
i liked the vibe and energy in the office.
it was 95% vixens.
young and “model like” ones,
to be exact.
they’re interviewing other candidates,
but will keep me posted.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

4 thoughts on “Shut All That Screaming Up! We’re Trying To Watch A Movie In Here!”

  1. Lol…sorry is I sound aggressive but it’s Jurassic World….lmfao but off that subject. You be careful going out and about. Folks ain’t throwing nothing these days but shade, d**k pics, and bullets.

    I hardly ever go out and I will never go see a movie on opening day. Too many folks…I just may go see Jurassic World in about a week or two so I can watch it in peace.

    I can imagine you yelling at them folks to move they butts though!! You should have started wheelbarrowing right on through…Lol

    I’ll allow it!!

    1. ^they were just taking their time.
      sight seeing and shit.
      i blacked tf out on them LOL
      now i see i’m the type to be out in danger.

      i’ll try jurassic world again next weekend.

      1. I had the day off and I decided to go to an early showing. There were so many teenagers there (mostly Indian and Chinese/Japanese) that by the time I got to pick out my seats, only the seats in front were left. That’s a NO GO for me.

        I don’t do up close and personal with movie screens. LOL

        I could’ve waited and bought a ticket to the next showing but I didn’t feel like waiting around for an hour. I’ll go check it next week as well.

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