Jesse Williams Wallet Is Getting A Good Pounding Every Month

“stick you for yo cream and yo papa.
zsa zsa gabor,
demi moore,
prince diana,
and all them rich bitches…” – a prophetess.

there are a few vixens i truly admire after getting hurt.
juanita jordan,
conchita aka vanessa bryant,
and now i’ll add aryn drake lee to the list.
straight males love to talk so much shit about the gays,
but we don’t have to deal with that child support nonsense.
it’s usually by choice.
gays shouldn’t get to hype because spousal support is universal.
there is an old saying:

“It’s cheaper to keep her”

divorces can cost a male a pretty penny.
jesse williams is probably feeling that way right now.
as you know,
he allegedly was out here cheating on his ex wife,
aryn drake-lee.
check how much he has to pay her in child and spousal support via “tmz”

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